We’re seeing a lot of positive changes happening in Gen. Santos, particularly around the center of the city. Communities are making positive changes and improving the quality of lives in the area. There are more interesting events and great things to do, too. You only need to look at the Plaza Heneral Santos to know that more great things are coming.

These changes are causing the demand for social workers to be on the rise, especially in this past year. Qualified counselors and social workers are needed to help those with life problems, mainly teenagers and seniors. This is a great opportunity for those of you who want to contribute more to the community.

Seniors and Their Specific Needs

As the new generation takes over, there are a lot of elderly people who are entering their retirement. While the majority of them remain productive and are still contributing to the society, there is also a large number of seniors who rely on geriatric social workers to help them deal with everyday issues.

This is a particularly rewarding careers for three main reasons. First, it is easy to get started in this field. You can complete an online course from a reputable US university such as Rutgers Online and have an online masters in social work degree in as little as 15 to 18 months. You will also learn all the necessary skills and knowledge to perform well as a social worker along the way.

Next, there are so many things you can learn from the seniors you help as a social worker. These are some of the most remarkable people, with years of stories and achievements to share. Helping seniors as a social worker is the perfect way to gain a new perspective in life.

Last, but certainly not least, a career in this field is particularly rewarding, not only financially but also personally. Seeing the smiles on those you help is, quite simply, priceless.

Teens and Troubled Adults

The recent crackdown on social issues such as drugs has also caused a lot of people to seek help. Students are relying more on their school counselors to navigate through their teenage years. On the other hand, adults with addiction problems and other issues are more willing to see counselors to help solve their problems.

These are positive changes to be welcomed, but it is also one that require the active participation of everyone. More counselors are needed to help transform the society into a better, healthier one.

Be the Community Leaders

Let’s not forget that you, too, can assume the role of community leader. By helping others, you’re actually helping yourself and those who are the closest to you. You will be affecting change like never before and bringing more good things to the City of General Santos.

These positive changes will not happen without the participation of everyone. Take your first step; find the first person to help and start contributing more to the communities around you. We will all see more positive results in no time at all.