There are several fields of work that are seeing a huge increase in demand over the past few years. Careers in criminal justice are among the fastest growing and they will continue to grow for years to come. In fact, students of criminal justice and criminology programs from top universities such as Portland State University are being prepared to fill key positions and start different careers in this field.

One of the most lucrative careers to pursue is one as a DEA special agent. It is ranked as among the most rewarding federal jobs in the US today, with a median salary of over $90,000 per year. Studies also suggest that the demand for trained and educated DEA special agents is increasing by as much as 7% per year, and has been since 2011.
You can find out more about criminal justice jobs and how they can be a great career choice in 2017 from the Top Careers for Students of Criminology and Criminal Justice infographic by Portland State University.

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This infographic was created by Portland State University.