Driving in heavy rain and wind might not seem unsafe when you’re warm and dry inside the car, but driving in bad weather increases the potential that you’ll have an accident.

Severe weather needs your full attention and it can be a good idea to turn down the radio so that you’re focused on your driving. These are a few ways you can stay safe in all weather conditions. Get more information here.

how to stay safe when driving in the wind & rain

Strong winds

Wind might not seem that bad but if it catches you off guard it can be a scary experience.

Look out for trucks or lorries

When you’re near larger vehicles the wind can be much stronger. Often really strong gusts of wind can push a lorry across a lane, so stay well clear and leave plenty of room in case the lorry loses control.

Be ready for any gusts

A sudden gust of wind can feel like the car is pulling away from you. Keep your attention focused and be ready to steer into the gust of wind if it starts to push the car sideways. Big gusts normally don’t last too long and you’ll be able to keep the car straight so long as you are ready.

Heavy rain

When there is a heavy downpour it makes driving extra difficult. You need to be ready to control the car should you hydroplane. This happens if the car hits a stretch of water that causes the tyres to lose grip. If this happens keep the steering wheel straight and don’t brake. Any sudden steering or braking can make the problem worse and cause you to lose control.

Keep your lights on

During heavy rain visibility is reduced and the spray kicked up from large vehicles often hides hazards. To make sure that you’re seen turn on your lights so that other drivers get more chance to see you.

Leave loads of room

Many drivers get complacent and don’t adapt their driving style when it rains. You must leave an extra few seconds and keep away from the car in front. This will give you a lot more time to react and reduce the chances of rear ending someone should they stop suddenly.

Watch out for puddles in built up areas
Even when you’re driving slower around a town or city, look out for puddles on the side of the road. Often these are hiding potholes that could damage your car or cause you to crash. It’s also illegal to splash pedestrians who are walking next to the road. It’s the car driver’s responsibility to make sure they drive around large puddles and not drench anyone who is walking past!

Be ready for aquaplaning

If you feel the car suddenly drift over the water and lose traction, your car is aquaplaning. This is caused by the tyres losing contact with the road because of water. When this happens keep the steering straight and don’t brake and the car will gain traction again. Turning or braking while aquaplaning can cause you to skid and potentially crash when the tyres get back in contact with the road.