Traveling the country by car is one of the most alluring and exciting ways to really get to know not just the great cities but also the amazing landscapes and small towns that make the Philippines such a diverse country. Whether you want to hit the open road alone, staying in the country’s hostels and refueling in roadside eateries, or you’d like to pack the family into the car for a road trip in the hills, you’ll want to have the peace of mind that everything will go off without a hitch. Here are some simple tips that’ll make your road trip a comfortable breeze from start to finish.


Make a Plan

Part of the attraction of a road trip is having the flexibility to pull over wherever you fancy – to take longer stays in remote towns, to bypass urban centers, or to cross vast expanses of land in a day. Nonetheless, to make your road trip smooth it’s a good idea to have a basic idea of where you’re headed, the distances and driving times between towns, and the places you’ll be resting your head in the evening. The worst-case scenario of being forced to sleep in the car is no fun whatsoever with children, so make sure you’ve made the effort to make the perfect road trip plan to avoid unfortunate eventualities.

Pack Well

 The trunk of your car on a road trip is a blank canvas that you’re able to decorate with whatever items from your home you think might enhance your trip. Folding chairs and a cool box for those stunning views you just want to sit and soak up; a tent and sleeping bags for the wilderness explorers; a spare tyre kit for off-road adventures – whatever eventualities you expect to encounter on your long drives, you have the luxury of having a lot of space for luggage, so use it wisely.

Prepare for Mishaps

 Being comprehensively insured will take the weight off your mind in the event of anything from a scratch to a crash. Beyond this, it’s a useful idea to have all your documentation with you in the car, such as your insurance and medical details, as well as all forms of ID. Make a note, too, of lawyers such as those at The Colley Firm who you can contact immediately after a collision to see if you’re due any compensation for injury or damage.

Pursue the Road Less Taken

The best thing about being in complete control of where you’re going is that you can peel off the most-touristed roads wherever you feel like it, leaving the coach-loads of tourists to trundle towards the most popular (and most accessible) viewpoints while you go out in search of a destination that’a unique just to you. Hunting for beautiful views, out-of-the-way towns, and hidden temples gives that exciting mystique to road trips that no other form of transportation can match.

Road trips are fabulous ways to travel in comfort and explore without boundaries. Follow these tips so that your trip goes off without a hitch.