Throughout history, it’s islanders who have been the first to venture out as explorers and discoverers of new worlds. There’s something special about living on an island that makes its inhabitants curious and adventurous. Just think of the influence of relatively small island nations such as Japan and the United Kingdom throughout history and into the modern age. It’s also more difficult to travel from an island, as you have to negotiate the sea and sometimes cross entire oceans to reach land. Being able to travel by plane has helped with this, and there’s never been a better or easier time to get out into the world and experience its wonders than right now.

Why you should consider traveling

Although the world has become smaller in one way through the communication networks facilitated by the development of the internet, it is still a vast place full of fascinating cultures. Experiencing the ways in which other people live can be enlightening and rewarding. Many travelers find they feel at home and at peace in some of the most distant and unlikely places and forge friendships with local people that last for the rest of their lives. You could even find the man or woman of your dreams in some far-off country, discover your purpose in life, or find spiritual awakening. Traveling has inspired many people to change their lives, in a number of different ways. It could be a change of career, a new hobby or passion, a return to education, or a cause that you want to devote your life to. There’s also the creative inspiration you can find if you’re a writer or artist.

Practical aspects of traveling

It might now be easier to transport yourself to any part of the world you choose, but you can’t wake up one morning and decide to head off without some planning and preparation. First, you need to work out what your budget is for a trip abroad, how long you can stay, and when you can get time off from work, study, or family responsibilities. Are you going alone, with friends, or with your partner or family? Where you go and when will significantly influence the cost of your trip, so it’s worth spending some time finding the best deals on flights and accommodation for the locations you wish to visit. You’ll also need to sort out passports and any other documentation like visas that you might need, and in some cases, you may have to provide fingerprints or other identification information. You can read more here about fingerprinting and related services. Depending on where you’re going, you could also need immunizations against local diseases.

Where should you go?

This is very much a matter dependent on your personal preferences, so there’s no right or wrong answer. You can approach the decision-making in a number of ways. You might have a dream destination, a place you’ve always wanted to go, in which case you can focus your planning efforts on finding the best places to stay in your chosen location. You might only have the vaguest idea, for example you know you’d like to see Europe or South America, but you haven’t got a clear idea of which countries or regions within that continent. In that case, find out as much as you can about possible places to visit, and see if that helps you choose which country sounds the most interesting to you. Or you could have so many places you’d like to go you find it impossible to make a decision, in which case sticking a pin in a map is as good a way of choosing as any!

Making the most of your trip

You might only get the chance to travel any distance once a year, so you want to make sure that you have as enjoyable and memorable a trip as possible. Researching where you’re going will not only give you the information you need to plan where you would like to go but will save you precious time when you arrive. You want to fill your day with sight-seeing and exploration, but not to the extent that you wear yourself out – if this is your annual vacation, you need to find time for resting and relaxing too. Taking plenty of photos and videos is essential of course, but keeping a diary of all your experiences and including mementos from your stay will keep the memory of your special trip fresh and give you something to show people back home.

Working abroad

If you don’t have the funds to afford to travel, you could consider taking up a job overseas and using that as a route to exploring different countries, as well as boosting your income and giving you professional experience. Filipinos are adept at working in a variety of other countries and in many different industries. You might find it easier to make the transition if you head for a country that already has a sizeable ex-pat community, such as the UK. If you can socialize with your fellow countrymen, you won’t feel so far from home, and you’ll find a warm welcome in many overseas destinations. You’ll need to do some research to find out if you would be eligible for working or training overseas, and how long you would be gone for, before deciding if this is the right move for you.

There’s no doubt that having the opportunity to travel is something we should all take advantage of. The chance to see how other people live, what they eat, what makes them happy, and how they run their countries is both fascinating and informative. Added to that is all the spectacular scenery you will see, and the variety of flora and fauna. Traveling opens up a new world of possibilities both personal, professional, and spiritual. They say you should only regret the things you didn’t do in your life, not those you did. Don’t let the chance to travel pass you by, or you will regret it one day.