Daily driving is a real adventure. Considering the great number of distractions and dangers that are lurking at every turn you take, you might want to make sure that you do more than just arrive safely at the destination. It is critical to take all necessary measures of precaution irrespective of who is behind the wheel. Unfortunately, serious accidents take place all the time. Nonetheless, having the necessary information will come in handy in case of either an accident or an unexpected occurrence.

Most drivers are well aware of the road rules, such as carrying a driver’s license at all times, not driving under the influence of medicine or alcohol and being as alert as possible. Besides those rules, one has to take into account some other crucial factors to ensure their safety and security. A lot of road collisions (25%-50%) are caused by distracted driving. Even a few seconds of absence of mind is enough to cause bad accidents. Therefore, making sure to drive safely is beneficial for both the driver and the other road users. These are some imperative driving safety tips that ensure a safer journey.how to stay safe on the road

  1. Do Not Drink and Drive

One of the first and most important rules that drivers need to keep in mind is to avoid drinking alcohol before going behind the wheel. Even though there are certain limits for drivers, it is better to be safe than sorry. There is always an alternative to driving when you are under the influence. For example, if you go to a party and you happen to drink a bit of alcohol, you can have a designated driver to drive you home safely. Obviously, the driver needs to be sober. On the other hand, if there is no person around to drive you, then you can just take a cab and come back the next day to get your car. This simple precaution can save your life and not only. Thus, drinking and driving is a big no.

  1. Regular Car Service

Regularly servicing your car at a reputable garage can make the difference between it breaking down and causing unexpected repairs or even accidents, and it running smoothly and efficiently. The service schedule usually depends on the manufacturer and age of the car, but it is recommended to take your car to a reputable garage before any journey. You can save money when doing that and you’ll be sure that your car won’t put you in a dangerous situation. Nowadays you can book a car service online and schedule it according to your availability. Moreover, you can usually pick it up from the service in a few days if not in a few hours.

  1. Use a Handsfree Device

Utilizing your phone while driving is against the law and there is a reasonable ground for that. Your phone acts as a distraction and can turn into your biggest nightmare. If you need to send a message or return a call, you can just pull up in a parking spot and take as long as you need to. If not, you can call back the person who called you once you make it to your destination. Furthermore, try not to get distracted by the radio. This is a major danger when it comes to driving, and it can lead to all kinds of bad situations. In any case, if you happen to commit a crime while driving, don’t hesitate to contact a Houston lawyer.

  1. Do Allow Enough Time

Everyone is busy these days, and that can lead to running late for an important meeting or rushing to pick up the kids from swimming. Even though you are used to driving in a hurry, you need to remember that this kind of practice is a lot more dangerous and stressful than driving relaxed, knowing that there is plenty of time to get to your destination. When hurrying a lot of people tend to exceed the speed limit and put their life and other people’s life in danger. Try to quit this bad habit and keep in mind that even if you don’t make it in time, it’s better to make it in one piece.

  1. Use Your Head

Nowadays almost everyone has a GPS device in their car, or at least a mobile app that allows them to do as little planning as possible before going away. That is great for different reasons. You can easily find your way around without carrying physical maps, you don’t have to ask random strangers for directions, and you can avoid traffic jams. However, it seems that technology makes people shut their brains off and put their full trust into a mobile app, which can sometimes lead to you relying too much. Just because your GPS device is telling you that you need to drive through a construction zone or through a pond that does not mean that you need to do it all costs. In similar situations, use your initiative and trust your instinct.

Check the Weather

Another step that you could do before planning a car journey would be to check the weather. Having access to a smartphone means that you can easily check the weather for the following days. Once you do that you can prepare in advance for any kind of weather conditions. Moreover, if you see that a snowstorm is coming your way, you can just postpone your trip. This means that both you can ensure your car is ready for the weather. A snowy winter means that you need snow tires, while hot weather may require purchasing windshield protectors that avoid transforming your car into an oven. A little step goes a long way when it comes to driving prevention.

Whenever you’re driving, you need to remember that every decision you make can have a direct consequence on your life and other people’s life and safety. A calm driver is a better driver, but a less-distracted driver is also good.