General Santos City will soon be celebrating its 74th Foundation Anniversary on February 27, 2013  As customary, the Kalilangan Festival ushers in a week-long celebration to commemorate its significance upon the citizens of the city.

kalilangan festival poster

In recent years, the festival has been recognized by the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines (ATOP).  In 2009, it was given the “Best Tourism Event Award” – Major City Category.

Then in 2011 and 2012, it got the “Best Tourism Event Award” -Culture & Arts Category, from the same group.

The theme for the Kalilangan Festival 2013 is “Tri-People in Unity, Excellence in Harmony“.

Although a Flea Market and a carnival have been set up as early as the last week of January at the Oval Plaza , the Grand Opening Ceremony won’t be until the 22nd of February, at the Oval Plaza Stage, at 6:00pm.  The public is enjoined to witness this spectacle directed for the first time by Professor Romy Narvaez, Artistic Director of the MSU-Kabpapagariya Ensemble. 

The Mindanao State University, the Festival’s organizer for the past two years has ensured a jampacked and exciting schedule of events for this year’s celebration.

Check out the Kalilangan Festival 2013 Schedule of Events below.  Highlights are the Grand Opening on Feb 22, the Salubungan ng Lahi and the Kadsagayan Street Dancing Competition on Feb 27.


February-13 Soft Opening Oval Plaza
·         Carnival
·         Agri Fair
·         Plaza Bazaar
·         Food Galore
·         Mini Zoo
·         Kalilangan Zumba Fever 1
February 13-19 Best Greening Gensan Garden (Household Category) 8AM-5PM Barangays
February 16-17 SCREENING: Ethno Fusion 4PM SM AL Fresco
 Banda Layag
February 16-17 Culture of Peace thru Football among Young Generals NDDU Soccer Field
February-13 5th National Kalilangan Mountain Bike Downhill Challenge SitioBalsinang, Barangay Olympog
February-13 Kalinaw Mindanao Peace Forum NDDU Auditorium
“MagKalilangan Para saKapayapaan “
February 20-27 Bahay Kubo saMagandangGensan Year 4 Oval Plaza
Ferbruary 20 Greening GensanFiestahansa Barangay 3PM Oval Plaza
February-13 Strings 13 Acoustic Competition (elimination) 2PM Gaisano Mall
Kalilangan for Jesus 6pm TBA
February-13 Opening Agri Fair 4PM Oval Plaza
Grand Ceremonial Opening of Kalilangan 2013 6pm Oval Stage
Caritela Parade of Stars 9pm Oval Plaza
EARH and SMB Foam Party 8pm East Asia Royal Hotel Parking
February-13 HipHop Dance Contest 1pm Robinsons Place
Farmer’s Night Oval Plaza
Visual Arts Exhibit Oval Pavilion
Race of the Generals Robinsons Place
Traditional Games 2-5PM Oval Plaza
·         DamluhAnuk
·         SipasaMangis
IPM Quiz Bee Oval plaza
Farmers Talent Showcase 5PM Oval Plaza
EARH and SMB Foam Party 8pm East Asia Royal Hotel Parking
February 23-24 Sine Sine Sa Kalilangan Oval Pavilion
GSC Kalilangan Lawn Tennis ABC Tournament GSC Tennis Club, City Hall drive
Taekwondo and Synchronized Tribal Freestyle Robinson’s Place Atrium
2013 Kalilangan Active Chess Tournament Robinson’s Place GenSan
February-13 RMN Run sa Kalilangan 2013 4:30am Robinson’s Place
Mag KALILANGAN Para saKapayapaan: Kite Flying 1:30 PM Oval Plaza open space
BomboRadyoMalakas at MagandaDoble Kara Singing Contest 7:00pm Oval Plaza Stage
Sine Sine Sa Kalilangan Oval Pavilion
Sayaw ng Lahi 10am SM City Event Center
(Higland, lowland and Moro dance competition) 1pm
1st BTAD-Gensan ARNIS Festival 2013 9:30am Robinsons Place
Pinaka (malaki, mahaba, mabigat) Veggies 4PM Oval Plaza
Agri Fair Games 5PM
Kalilangan Zumba Fever 2 5pm SM City Event Center
Feb 24-25-26 LarongLahi 1:00-6pm
Kadangthon (kadang marathon) Oval-Roxas- City Hall- Pendatun
     Sack race (3 man team)
Patintero Oval Plaza
     Tug of War
     Skipping Rope
February 24-26 Kalilangan Open Table Tennis Tournament Robinsons Mall
February-13 GRAND FINALS: Ethno Fusion 5PM Oval Stage
Sine Sine Sa Kalilangan Oval Pavilion
Dance Sport Competition 1pm Gaisano
Search for Ms. 4H Gensan 4PM Oval Plaza
Singing Contest 4H 4PM Oval Plaza
Pop Dance Contest 4H 4PM Oval Plaza
HawudGensan 9am KCC Convention
Tagisan 2013 1pm Robinsons Place
Sine Sine Sa Kalilangan Oval Pavilion
Kastifun- Cultural Night 4pm SM Event Center
February 25-26 Rodeo Oval  covered court
February-13 Barangay Happy Kainan (Culinary event) 5pm Oval Stage
RGMA “Singing for Peace in Mindanao Year 12” 1:00 SM City Event Center
Modern Dance (RIC) 4PM Oval Plaza
Search for Ginang Greening Gensan 5PM Oval Plaza
February-27 SALUBUNGAN “PARADA NG LAHI” 5:00am Pioneer Avenue/Plaza Heneral Santos
Motorcade 1:00pm Around city
Strings ’13 Acoustic Competition (Grand Finals) 2PM Gaisano Mall
Boxing Over covered court
GMA Kapuso Fiesta Mall Show 5pm SM City Event Center
Disco saKalye (Simultaneous 4 disco sites) 7:00pm-up Pendatun and Roxas St
Continuing Events ·         Coca Cola  Party Zone Oval Plaza
·         SMB Party Zone
·         Carnival
·         Agri Fair
·         Plaza Bazaar
·         Food Galore
·         Mini Zoo
·         Bird & Fish Show
·         Caritela Parade of Stars (Karabaokaretela
·         Sine Sinesa Kalilangan

Hope you find your kind of activity in this Kalilangan Festival 2013 Schedule of Events!  There is definitely something for everyone as it pays homage to the city’s founder, Gen. Paulino Santos and the pioneers who first settled here and lived harmoniously with the indigenous people of the vast lands surrounding majestic Mt. Matutum.