A few weeks from now, General Santos City’s very own Exquizyth Boys, will be flying to Sydney, Australia to represent the country in the 4th Annual World Supremacy Battlegrounds – International Hip-hop Dance Championships.  Below is the poster for that event.

World Supremacy Battlegrounds Poster

These young generals, all 15 of them who have proudly declared Barangay San Isidro in GenSan as their home base, earned the right to compete in the land down under after topping the Philippine National Hip-Hop Dance Finals held at the Cross Road 77 Convenarium in Quezon City.

They were at the General Santos City Hall recently for a courtesy call on Mayor Jun Acharon who gave his whole-hearted support for their trip to Australia.

Mayor & the Exquizyth Boys

To describe the national finals in CQ, here is what GrooveTv.com.au, the event organizers in Australia, has to say:

The cream of the crop of Filipino dancers gathered last night at the Cross Road 77 Convenarium in Quezon City to determine the best of the best in the Philippine National Hip-Hop Dance Finals. It was the most unpredictable championship yet because of the remarkable, undeniable and spectacular talent and skills of many dance groups in the country all under one roof. MINDANAO stood tall as they took out the Top 2 positions, with new champion EXQUIZYTH and runner up NEXT BLOCK finishing 1 and 2. LUZON’s very own ATENEO (CADS) and CREW MECHANIX edged the rest of the field to finish 3rd and 4th respectively. Rankings will be published next week. One thing is for sure – the PHILIPPINES will become the future hub of hip-hop dance in Asia with the announcement of the newest hip-hop grand slam event to open doors in 2009.

The final scores of the top 4 dance teams are: (source: DanceManila.com)

1st: Exquizyth – 92%

2nd: Next Block – 88%

3rd: Company of Ateneo Dancers – 85%

4th: Crew Mechanix – 84%

Meanwhile, the 4th Annual WORLD SUPREMACY BATTLEGROUNDS Hip Hop Dance Championship is the biggest event in AustralAsia with over fifty dance groups and five hundred dancers from six Australian States, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and the Philippines meeting in Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre on December 7 to stage the biggest hip-hop international championship in the region.

Below is the promotional video of the Sydney ultimate showdown.

This is another testament to the GenSan’s growing reputation as the “Wellspring of Winners” and the “Home of Champions”.  We here in Bariles Republic has only this to say, “Mabuhay ang Exquizyth!  Mabuhay ang mga generals!  Mabuhay ang GenSan!”

Good luck and Godspeed guys!