Do you know that on the evening of that fateful Sunday in December 2008 when the whole country was raving over Manny Pacquiao’s victory over Oscar dela Hoya in Las Vegas, USA, another group of “generals” was also fighting brilliantly in their own battlegrounds in Sydney, Australia and later taking home the Silver?

The group –  the EXQUIZYTH Dancers, General Santos City’s top hip-hop artists who were representing the Philippines at the 5th World Supremacy Battlegrounds (Hip-Hop Dance Competition) at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre in Sydney, Australia.

Mayor Jun with the Exquizyth

The Exquizyth Dancers during their courtesy call on Mayor Jun Acharon, a week after their victory in Sydney, Australia.

The Exquizyth Dancers, all 16 of them including manager Richie Mulders arrived at Sydney two days ahead of the date of the competition and were mobbed by fellow Pinoys and Fil-Australians everywhere they went.  The Pinoy factor was crucial during the competiton since they provided the GenSan hip-hop performers with the morale support by way of their presence and collective cheers.

Making their trip to Sydney a reality were assistance from various groups such as GenSan Mayor Jun Acharon and the local government,  Congresswoman Darlene Custodio, former Mayor Adelbert Antonino, Barangay San Isidro Captain Renato Salangsang and other generous generals.

Below is the video of  performance of the Exquizyth Dancers.

In the end, however, Auckland, New Zealand’s SWEET & SOUR, captured the prestigious Open crown while Australia’s PSYKE! placed third overall to gain the bronze.  Not bad though since 32 groups competed for the championships.

Below are the actual results of the competition.


Dec 7 2008 Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre


1. SWEET & SOUR (New Zealand)
2. EXQUIZYTH (Philippines)
3. PSYKE! (Australia – NSW)
4. FEARLESS (New Zealand)
5. DVP (Australia – VIC)
6. TMC (New Zealand)
7. CLOCKWORK (Australia – QLD)
8. ELECOLDXHOT (Singapore-Malaysia)
9. DEJA (Australia – NSW)
11. Odyssey (New Zealand)
12. Reborn (New Zealand)
13. Infinite Dance Crew (New Zealand)
14. Dance Central (Australia – ACT)
15. Celcius (Australia – NSW)
16. Unbreakables (Australia – WA)
17. Vikings (Australia – VIC)
18. KaLADYscope (New Zealand)
19. Trick Nasty (Australia – QLD)
20. Grand Jester (Australia – ACT)
21. XC!TE (Australia – WA)
22. Limited Edition (Australia – NSW)
23. Flava (Australia – SA)
24. Raw Flava (Australia – SA)
25. Bounce (Australia – QLD)
26. Lockdown (Australia – ACT)
27. Fresh Funk Flava (Australia – ACT)
28. Fresh Funk Force (Australia – ACT)
29. Chaotic Funk (Australia – NSW)
30. B3BOP CR3W (Australia – NSW)
31. Sweet (Australia – NSW)
32. Pure Funkstaz (Australia – SA)

Now, if you want to compare the Exquizyth  with the declared Champion, New Zealand’s Sweet and Sour, watch first this video below of that group’s supposedly gold medal-winning performance.  Then, tell the whole world what you think. 🙂