I got hold of Congressman and World Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao‘s invitation card for his 33rd Birthday Party which will unfold tomorrow, December 17, 2011.

Compared to the past birthday invites that we saw, this one is elegantly simple, with shades of Gold, Red, Blue and Black and Manny’s name inside a big star similar to the one at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The text at the back of the invitation card for Pacman’s en grande bash states the venue as the cavernous KCC Convention and Events Center at the KCC Mall of GenSan.

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There’s a numbered stub at the lower left corner of the card which could be for the Grand Raffles that Manny Pacquiao always conducts during his birthdays wherein he gives away cash, cars and motorcycles, among other things.

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You can’t really blame him for his generosity.  Growing up in poverty, he knows how it is to be penniless and poor.

That is the reason why he has no qualms in sharing his blessings.  No wonder he keeps winning and winning in his fights, especially the last one with Marquez, when most of his countrymen thought of it as a victory not for him.  God must really be on his side.

So keep on giving and never stop sharing Manny!  Happy 33rd Birthday to you!

Note:  GMA will shooting live Manny Pacquiao’s GameShow, Manny Many Prizes at the GenSan Oval Plaza starting at 6pm tomorrow.  The network will be flying in not only the show’s mainstays but other Kapuso stars as well.  It will surely be another night that Pacman’s original townmates will never forget.