In another prelude to the Pacquiao-Marquez Fight III which is happening in a week on November 13, 2011, eight-time World Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao is once again on the cover of an international magazine, just like Esquire and Playboy a few weeks back.

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This time, it’s the American weekly, NEWSWEEK!

The cover story, penned by Lawrence Osborne, has the title, Pacquiao, The Godfather.

Osborne, as with the other writers before him, trailed Manny Pacquiao while here in General Santos City, during his sorties in Sarangani Province, and at his showbiz commitments in Manila, often waxing ecstatic about the Congressman.

His article is quite an engaging read although there is nothing in there that has never been reported before, including Manny’s reported desire to run for the Presidency someday.

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