Whether you are an entrepreneur working from home and growing your business or a CEO of a working environment that needs to be brought firmly into the modern age, there are some pieces of tech that are vital to productivity in the workplace. Here are just four of the top pieces of tech that every business should consider investing in for its workforce, however big or small.

Lightweight and highly portable laptops

The age of large tower PCs dominating office space is ending. With working trends pointing to the rise in remote working and employees becoming more mobile as they work, laptops are key components of the working world. Lightweight and portable laptops enable true mobility, and manufacturers such as Lenovo.com offer a wide range of such products. Modern lightweight laptops can handle multitasking and higher intensity apps in a way that simply was not possible years ago. Choose models and features that suit the tasks needed. Ultra high intensity apps such as graphic design and CAD will require higher processing power and RAM but are still achievable in lightweight chassis, albeit at a higher cost. Low intensity office work can be completed on more budget lightweight models. 

All in one wireless printers

Office space can be at a premium in the modern world of business, and large commercial copiers in a photocopier room are becoming less visible in most modern offices. Today’s wireless printers can scan, print, and copy to a high standard while taking up a fraction of the space. These are perfect for smaller offices or for employees who work from home. Most can also link from smartphones via apps and the internet, meaning that you do not even need to be at your desk to print. In addition, cutting-edge technology has now made it possible to have a 3D printer in the home and in offices. While the full potential of these devices has not yet been realized, they are currently being used in the design and manufacturing industries to enable the production of prototype models and designs at a fraction of normal costs.

Keep your coffee hot

In most offices around the world, coffee is one of the main beverages to keep workers working. A morning coffee keeps focus and helps with productivity. However, it is all too often that an employee gets caught up in a task only to find that the coffee is now lukewarm, if not cold, once that task is completed. This perennial problem has been solved with a great piece of office tech from Ember which has designed coffee mugs that keep your coffee hot. No more cold coffee thanks to the world’s first temperature-controlled battery-powered mug.

Power banks

There are a vast array of power banks available on the market, and these are vital office tools of today. In a world where everyone has multiple devices for both business and personal use, such as smartphones and tablets, a power bank allows quick and easy charging of these devices without reaching for plugs and cables. A range of modern power banks facilitates this by offering wireless charging. Simply by placing the phone or tablet on the unit, it will charge. This truly is one piece of office tech that is indispensable in the modern world.