The tropical climate of General Santos City is not without its challenges. While the weather is relatively nice most of the time, there are hot and humid days too. For women, the changes in weather and temperature pose serious threats to their beauty regimes.

A recent survey revealed that women in General Santos City are more concerned about their beauty than ever before. They spend more money on beauty products and are more likely to buy products from outside the city if needed. This shift in trends is interesting to follow.

Women in GenSan are Spending More on Beauty Products

The Challenges of the Climate

Living in a tropical climate can be challenging for women who want to maintain their skin, hair, nails, and overall beauty. Treatments designed for other climates will not necessarily work, especially when we consider the higher average temperature and humidity across the city.

The most important part of the beauty routine for tropical women is cleansing. Cleaning the skin and hair allows women to remove excess oil and other materials. The excess oil is where dust particles build up.

It is also recommended that you take regular showers as part of your cleansing routine. This brings a higher demand for soap and cleaning solutions designed for women in the tropics.

Products Entering the Market

The sudden increase in demand for beauty products is generating a positive response from brands and manufacturers who are already in the General Santos market. Different brands are making their tropical line of products available at local retailers. They are trying to get closer to the potential customers, particularly women who are just getting started with developing their own beauty routines.

There is a reason behind brands’ attempts to get close to their potential customers. Women who are just getting started with taking good care of their skin and their beauty, in general, are more likely to remain loyal for a long period of time. Capturing their attention now means enjoying a high customer lifetime value (CLV) in the long run.

More than Just Skincare

The rapid rise in demand for beauty products is not only apparent among skincare and other skin-related products. Hair products are also gaining a lot of traction in the market. Better shampoos and conditioners, as well as more specific products like hair spa products, hair masks, and hair coloring products, are also getting a lot of attention from the women of General Santos City.

Interestingly, nail products are also becoming very popular. Women are picking up accessories like manicure sets and LED nail lamp kits so that they can change nail colors more often while maintaining the health and beauty of their nails. We’re also seeing an increase in transactions happening in salons and beauty parlors across the city.

These changes can be seen as positive changes. They impact the overall economy of General Santos while boosting the happiness index among women in the city. Expect to see more changes in the way women pamper and take care of themselves in the near future with new trends shaping up on the market.