While there are a number of cities, towns and coastal regions that make their living off tuna, few rely on it as heavily as General Santos City, which is responsible for more than four-fifths of the Philippine’s tuna processing plants and two-thirds of the tuna canneries in the country as well. As you can see, the population is pretty well dependent on tuna and this is why it is so exciting when they find that there are actually tuna lovers worldwide who find exciting ways to enjoy canned tuna.


Why Not Put Your Love for Tuna to Work for You?

Yes, tuna steaks are great, but the world is more familiar with canned tuna. If you are a serious online MBA student from a top notch business degree program like Pepperdine University, you could probably make a fortune marketing innovative tuna dishes like those found below. With what you’ve learned in that masters in business administration program, a little creativity and some cooking skills, you could open a really lucrative tuna café and that would be something unique enough to set the market abuzz.

Check out the following assortment of ways in which to enjoy the canned variety. Some of them are pretty unique, but sound really scrumptious. Where necessary, links are provided to the ingenious chefs who blended some amazing ingredients to come up with these culinary masterpieces all centered on tuna.

1. Did I Hear that Right – Tuna Soup?

Okay, so we could say soup and tuna sandwich, but that would take all the fun out of it! Have you ever heard of tuna and white bean soup with a bit of kale for flavor and health? Sounds yummy, but who would have ever thought of canned tuna soup? Must be the people over at Closet Cooking.

can food tuna

2. Homemade Tuna Helper

So, you can go to the grocery store and buy a can or two of tuna, a box of pasta (your choice) and some sharp cheddar cheese. All you need to do is cook the pasta and make a cheese sauce in the meantime with the cheddar cheese, butter and milk. Drain the pasta, add the sauce and enough tuna to your personal satisfaction and voila! An even better than ‘store-bought’ tuna helper.

3. Chickpea Tuna Salad

Sometimes it’s putting ingredients together that don’t sound like they belong in the same dish that adds a little mystery to the quest for that perfect recipe. Here is one from Strawberry Plum that sounds really delightful, but what an odd group of ingredients! This salad is comprised of tuna, chickpeas, pasta and capers. Sound odd? It does, but it’s oh so good!
Not only is tuna a nutritious food, but it is also an inexpensive source of protein and when cooked and canned, it makes for a quick meal in just a few minutes. You ‘could’ start with fresh tuna steaks, but most recipes that call for canned tuna are simply delicious, easy to make and inexpensive. That is why the entire world loves tuna and the Philippines is so glad you do!