[dropcap]T[/dropcap]omorrow, Black Saturday in the Philippines, summer’s biggest superhero film is opening: Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is the first ever live-action movie to feature both named DC Comic superheroes and is directed by Zack Snyder, who first directed Superman.

Worldwide advanced ticket sales are breaking records and it is in anticipation of its release, and in true DC Comic Fan spirt, we are sharing with you 6 important things to buy online if you are an avid Batman and Superman fanboy!

  1. Superhero Graphic Novels (takatack.ph)

If you’re gonna be a fan, you cannot possibly live without owning at least a couple of essential superhero graphic novels. I suggest you get Superman Earth One and Batman Earth One, both origin stories.  Or The Dark Knight returns which is the crossroads for the two. Get them online from the Takatack store of Galleon PH here.

  1. Supermovies

Of course, as Fanboy, you must have watched all their movies.  If you have missed something, then do so now and get a subscription on Netflix and supermarathon all the Batman and Superman films you missed or not.

  1. Super Kitchenwear

Now if you want your body to look just like theirs, get these Chef Aprons that will give you those much-coveted abs.  Not only will you be heroes on the kitchen but physically, you will look like one yourself too.  Order them from Takatack.ph..

  1. The Superhero Look (zalora.ph + sephora.ph)

Get those iconic horn-rimmed eyeglasses of Clark Kent that you always dream of at ZALORA.  For sure, they will put you into his character once you put them on.  And don’t you just love Bruce Wayne’s (shown here as portrayed by Christian Bale) businessman-tycoon slicked back hair?  To hold your hair just like his, check out a good variety of styling products that you can check out here.


  1. Supershirts

Now as a sign of support tomorrow for your choice superhero or on any day that you will be showing up at SM City Gensan Cinema, KCC Mall of Gensan Cinema or Robinsons Place Gensan Movieworld, why not wear a classic Batman or Superman shirt officially licensed by DC Comics and join other moviegoers showing their support for #TeamBatman or #TeamSuperman

  1. A Superadvanced ticket to the showing

Lastly, since this is surely gonna be a blockbuster, avoid the long plies in scoring tickets tomorrow.  Reserve them now instead and SM Cinemas and Robinson’s Movieworld are two online cinema platforms that let you buy your tickets and choose your seats online.

And guess what?  You do not need a credit card for this.  Just pay with PayMaya!  PayMaya is a free online payment app on Google Play Store and App Store that lets you buy online without a credit card.

Just download the app and register with your mobile number. Once you activate your account by tapping “Activate” on the app home screen, you’ll get your own card number, CVV, and its expiration date on the app.

Just load up your account at 7-Eleven, Robinson’s Department Stores, or SM Business Centers, and you’re all ready to get all the Batman and Superman must-haves on this list!   So go and choose your side now now, because it’s going to be a fantastic never-before-seen-battle of the superheroes!

Batman vs Superman. Black vs Blue. God vs Man. Day vs Night.

For more information about PayMaya, visit www.paymaya.com.