This morning, at exactly 1:00 AM, and after more than six hours of fixing, tweaking and fiddling it , Bariles is proud to present the NEW LOOK of his blog to the public, now simply called GenSan News Online Magazine!

This time, General Santos City’s #1 Blog  is sporting the Tribune Theme, a magazine theme developed by

New GenSan News Online Mag Screenshot

The decision to change the theme has long been germinating in the mind of Bariles but it was only during his trip to Davao City yesterday to personally greet one of his blogger friends who is celebrating his birthday, SEO guru Lyle Santos that it came into fruition.

The new GenSan News Online Mag now really looks like a newspaper on the net, with grays and blacks taking over the blue hues of the previous Bariles magazine theme. The new main premium features however are the scrolling bar just below the header featuring all the past 430++ posts/articles written by Bariles since he established it on November 2007 and the big scrolling HEADLINE photos directly below it.

And to sweeten the pot, a featured VIDEO from YouTube is also embedded on the right bar beside the Headline photos.

The phrase Bariles Republic has also been eliminated from the blog’s title because a new blog by that name and with the URL will be launched soon.  This time, this offshoot will be just about anything – sex, drugs, rock and roll (joke!).  Watch out for it!

As of this writing, Bariles with the valuable assistance of Teacher Lyle is still perfecting the new layout, re-engineering his old posts for conformity with the additional features.  It still might take a couple more days to put everything in order so please bear with him.

For the moment, enjoy browsing around his GenSan News Online Mag while he leaves you with the screenshot of the old Bariles Republic’s GenSan News Online Magazine, as a sort of a farewell to an old friend who has served us long, and served us good.

old Screenshot

And as a bonus, here is a comparative look on the old and new GenSan News Online Magazine. Tell me what you think.

Old and News GenSan News Online Mag