Bariles Republic is proud to announce the winners to the “Pooh-K Laugh-Out-Loud Concert” which will happen on Sunday, April 19, 2009 at the General Santos Gym, Lagao, GenSan.


Mainly because of their well-written informative posts and the extra efforts to feature videos of either Pooh and Kay Brosas, here are the TOP 5 Winners who will each receive a GOLD TICKET.

  1. TanchiPooh and K Live in GenSan;
  2. RammyboiTotal Laugh Out Loud;
  3. LitoPooh-K Live in GenSan… You’ll Laugh Until You Drop;
  4. RainCidyPooh and K will be in GenSan;
  5. Anika –  Laugh Till U Drop

As for the rest of the entries, their blog authors will each receive a Bronze ticket.   Here they are:

Directions on how to get your tickets have been emailed to you by Bariles himself.

To the winners and participants, congratulations and many thanks for joining.  Watch out for our future contests.  🙂

For more information about the Pooh-K Laugh-Out-Loud in GenSan, CLICK HERE