One of the busiest establishments during Valentine’s Month aside from the dining establishments in the country are the hotels.  It is therefore one of the few times that hotels achieve 100% near capacity and more often than not, are fully booked.

Here in General Santos City, all of the hotels have been preparing for this eventuality and usually, regular rates are up due to the peak season.

But then again, nothing can stop Hotel Dolores from giving its customers more value for their money and so, for Valentine’s Day they have something up their sleeves, after their 2011 Opening Salvo gimmicks!

Hear this!  Dolores Hotel is giving out a 50% Discount on all their Matrimonial Rooms on February 14, 2011!!!

Yes!  They could have maintained their published rates but instead they are treating their guests who will avail of their Matrimonial Rooms to only half their prices!!!  Who else in General Santos City can do that except the RD Hotels and Resorts group?

As for their flagship resort, Dolores Tropicana Resort Hotel at Cabu, Tambler, there’s gonna be a big party there during that same Valentine weekend!

On February 19, 2011, their RED-HOT ENCOUNTER VALENTINE DISCO will fire-up their guests at the beach from 7pm to 2am.

For sure, this is one of the HOTTEST PARTIES ever to explode in GenSan’s top hotel resort!

For enquiries and hotel reservations to their Valentine offerings, please call Dolores Hotel at (083) 552-4139.