Sports is one of those things that everyone can participate in, irrespective of who you are, what you do, what you look like and where you’re from. Although some people desire to play professionally, others can play for fitness or for fun whether they happen to be good at it or not. There are many popular sports that most of us are aware of, but likewise, there are several that aren’t as popular that you may be missing out on. If you’re the type of person that likes exploring new things, then playing an unpopular sport may be something you find interesting. On that note, this article will look at three uncommon sports you should consider playing.

3 Unconventional sports you should consider trying

Cycle Ball

This sport that consists of a bike and a football has surprisingly been around for 120 years. It is greatly popular in Europe, but it’s only recently gaining attention in other parts of the world. If you’re wondering how cycle ball works, it is more or less like playing soccer on a bicycle. Two opposite teams have the primary objective of trying to trap and drive a ball into their opponent’s goal using the wheels of their bicycle. This bike should be a fixed-gear bike without brakes, making it a difficult sport to play. It is a sport that’s played indoors and has its own annual international competition. If you’re interested in a challenge, then you should take this sport into consideration. Bear in mind that crashes and injuries are frequent, so it isn’t a sport for the faint-hearted.


This competitive team sport is one that may appeal to those who enjoy action seeing as you’ll be using plastic guns to play. If you enjoy paintball, airsoft is a cheaper alternative. In airsoft, your job is to eliminate your opponents by shooting them with spherical plastic pellets via airsoft guns. It is a military simulation sport that mocks combat and uses military tactics to play as well. Don’t worry too much about the pain of being shot by pellets as many have likened the pain to that of being flicked by a rubber band. If you have a look at you’ll find a range of guns that can be used to play. If this sounds like a sport that you want to play, you can join the Chesapeake Airsoft Association to meet likeminded people.

Underwater Hockey

If playing sports on land seems boring to you, then why not try underwater hockey? This sport which is also known as octopush is a limited-contact sport that’s being played globally. With a similar strategy to basketball, ice hockey and soccer, the game comprises of two teams competing to get a puck into the opposing team’s goal using a hockey stick. The game is usually played at the bottom of a swimming pool which is what makes it unconventional. Knowing how to swim to play this game is, therefore, a must. If at all, you decided you wanted to play underwater hockey professionally, it may be a good idea to look through the USA Underwater Hockey website so that you’re well informed on how to play as well as the guidelines.

There are so many exciting things to discover in life. The tons of exciting, funny and unconventional sports that exist are just a few of them. Next time you’re thinking of picking up a new sport, consider some of the ones mentioned in this article. It should give you a new challenge and keep you physically fit simultaneously.