It has been quite a while since I stepped foot at the Antonio Acharon Sports Complex in Barangay Calumpang. The venue was the site of the Palarong Pambansa, & the BIMP-EAGA Olympics sometime in the 90s and the Street Dancing Competitions of both the Kalilangan and Tuna Festivals about 4 years back.

The grandstand (or a portion of it) has since been utilized from time to time as temporary living quarters of displaced familes or evacuees from flooded areas and lately, by a few victims caught in the crossfire of the skirmishes in Sarangani Province.

Although located some 10 kms from the downtown area, I had no apprehensions whatsoever that the grandstand would not be filled during the conduct of the 6th Tuna Fest Cheerdance Pasiklaban Competition of RPN DXDX.  The Cheerdance Pasiklaban has been the TOP CROWD DRAWER among all Tuna Festival events, 2nd only to the Street Dancing Competition over the years.

It was no surprise then that when I got to the venue last Saturday, August 30, at 9:00am, with Mayor Jun Acharon‘s group I was greeted by a deafening roar of a 15,000 strong crowd all rooting for their favorite teams who were now making their way to the basketball court across the center of the grandstand for the opening program.

I looked for a vantage position at the stands near the announcer’s booth where I could do my photo shots and right when the first dance contingent representing Golden State College started their moves, I started cliking away.

Here are some of the shots… (click on any for a larger view)


1st place – Notre Dame of Dadiangas University

2nd place – Golden State College

3rd place – Philippine Institute of Technology

4th place – Holy Trinity College

5th place – GSC High School

To all the winners, congratulations!  And to RPN DXDX, especially Cheerdance Event Manager Faith Barcelona, more success to the next Pasiklabans!