I have been shuttling back and forth between GenSan’s two malls for the past few days owing to the different events being held there.

Last Saturday and Sunday, Gaisano Mall of GenSan played host to the elimination round of the Fishdance Mindanao Showdown and the Talent Night of Ms. GenSan 2008.

On the other side of the street at KCC Mall, the Karagatan Awards Gabi ng Parangal unfolded on Sunday.

Today, Monday, September 1, KCC started ahead at 10am with the MINI-SKILLS OLYMPICS at its ground floor. At 3pm, it was Gaisano’s turn to formally open the week-long CULINARY FESTIVAL at the Atrium again.

Through all those times, I couldn’t help but notice how both malls were doing in terms of MERCHANDISING or in DRESSING-UP their turfs since the week-long Tuna Festival in commemoration of GenSan’s 40th Charterhood Day has just begun.

If you go around the compound of Gaisano,  you  will see a lot of vertical tarpauline banners attached to its outdoor lamp posts announcing its mall shows- from Fishdance to the Bodyfest Modelling Competition, from Ms. Gensan Finals to the Culinary Fest, down to its very own Little Ms. Gensan.

And when you enter the mall, what will greet you at their large atrium are tuna mock-ups hanging from the ceiling, accentuated by yards and yards of sea-blue cloth producing a “hanging aquarium” feel to it.

The picture above was taken at the atrium of Gaisano, their main activity area where a huge stage was built in the center for the Tuna Fest events. Take note of the hanging tuna on top. (Please click on the picture for a larger view.)

Now, below is the shot I took of KCC Mall Sunday afternoon yesterday when the Karagatan Awards was ongoing at their Convention and Events Center at the 3rd level.   Tell me, what is wrong with this picture? (Click on it for a large view.)

Nothing, except that It is too bare that one would think that it is just another ordinary regular day inside the mall.   There is no sign of festivity, no decoration, or no tuna mock-up indicating that KCC Mall is joining the city in celebrating its 10th Tuna Festival.

And to think that tomorrow, September 2nd, KCC will again play host to the Tuna Congress and the Tuna Congress Exhibit which will be participated in by people from all over the world!?!

Well oh well…. I just hope the Mall Management would do something soon about what appears to be this seemingly lack of affinity with the community to where they belong.  I hope that they act fast  before people would start thinking that this is a blatant disregard for the city’s well-loved festivals.

It’s not yet too late for them to catch up, or is it? Tsk…. tsk….tsk….