In just a matter of days, the whole city of General Santos will again be at its busiest and liveliest. And why not? It’s that time of the year that the Generals pay homage to its top dollar earner, the Tuna Industry through more than a weeklong series of activities that are fun as they are informative, as exciting as they are insightful and as colorful as they are commemorative.

For almost half the month of September, commencing on the 5th which is actually the Charter Day Anniversary of GenSan, Tuna Festival 2014 promises to be the grandest product-centric celebration in the whole of Mindanao.

tuna festival schedule

The Philippine Fish Port Develoment Authority Office (PFDA) General Santos was kind enough to send us the Official and Final Tuna Festival 2014 Schedule of Activities and we are sharing them to you here.


Continuing Events:  August 15 – September 15,2014

Grand Carnival
SMB Party Zone
Coke Pasaya
Food Court & Food Display
Tindang Gabi (Matalam St.)

Subsidized Events:

4th Tuna Fest Nat’l Open
Table Tennis Tournament   –  Aug. 30-31, Gaisano Mall
5th GSC Tunafest Lawn Tennis –  Sept. 3-7 8:00 AM, GSC Tennis Club
Photo Exhibit –  Sept. 5-13m, Mall Hours KCC Mall
Rasta Tuna –  Sept. 6-13, 1:00 PM, SM Al Fresco Area
2nd SJSA TunafestJetski Invitational –  Sept. 6-7, Tropicana Beach
SOCKSARGEN Chess Championship –  Sept. 6-7 Mall Hours Robinson’s Place
Boxing Tournament (Friendship Game)  –  Sept. 6-7 2:00 PM Oval Covered Court
Beach Volleyball  –  Sept. 9-11 6-10 AM Queen Tuna Park
9th Tuna Festival Skills Olympics  –  Sept. 10-11 9AM-6PM KCC Mall
6th National Skimboarding Competition  –  Sept. 13-14 6:00 AM Queen Tuna Park

Sunday, August 31, 2014
13thYellowfin Bike Challenge 6:00 AM Oval Grandstand (registration)
2nd Mayor Ronnel C. Rivera Cup 7:00AM Ngilay Shooting Range

Friday, September 5, 2014
Flag Raising Ceremony 8:00 AM City Hall
Tuna Float Parade 3:00 PM SM-Oval Plaza
SayawsaBaybay 5:00 PM Robinson’s Place
Grand Opening 6:00 PM Oval Grandstand

Saturday, September 6, 2014
TunafestLawihan Triathlon 6:00 AM Tropicana Beach (Start)

Sunday, September 7, 2014
Brigada Teen Guwang 7:00 PM Oval Grandstand

Monday, September 8, 2014
Pop Idol Grand Finals 7:00 PM Oval Grandstand

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tunafest Cheerleading Competition 3:00 PM Lagao Gym
2014 Fish Fest sa Fish Port 6:00 AM Gensan Fish Port
Talent Night – Mutyang Mindanao 7:00 PM Oval Grandstand

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Guiness World Record Attempt: 6:00 AM Fish Port
“Largest Fish Display”

Friday,September 12, 2014
PESO Job Fair Mall Hours Gaisano Mall
Coronation Night: Mutyang Mindanao 7:00 PM Greenleaf Hotel

Saturday, September 13, 2014
BomboRadyoBancarera 6:00 AM Gensan Fish Port
Lawihan Street Dancing Competition 2:00 PM SM to Oval Plaza
Closing Ceremony 7:00 PM Oval Grandstand

Enrolled Events:

Torque-Motospeed Drag Racing Comp. August 30-31 Diversion Rd., Mabuhay
Manny Pacquiao Cup:GensanTunaFest
Int’l 10Ball Tournament
Singles: Sept. 2-6 Pacman Stadium, Tambler
Doubles Sept. 10-12 SM Gensan
Tuna Craze Dance Fitness Marathon Sept. 2& 6 Oval Plaza& SM
LegendzZumba Marathon Sept. 3,4,6 &13 Oval Plaza, SM,Veranza& Robinson’s Place
National Tuna Congress Sept. 4-5 SM Gensan
MIO Motor Race Sept. 6-7 Mabuhay Road
Secrets of the Master:
Photography Workshop with George Tapan Sept. 11-14 Sydney Hotel

Wednesday, September 1, 2014
MuntingMutya Semi-Finals 2:00 PM Gaisano Mall of Gensan
& Talent Show

Thursday, September 4, 2014
Star for A Cause: Daisy Reyes Show 4:00 PM Lagao Gym

Saturday, September 6,2014
Globe Night 7:00 PM Oval Grandstand
EARH Foam Party 8:00 PM East Asia Royal Hotel

Sunday, September 7, 2014
Tuna Fest Run 2014 3:30 AM Oval Plaza (Assembly)
Honda Wave Alpha Launching 1 – 5 PM Oval Plaza
MuntingMutya Grand Finals 2:00 PM Gaisano Mall of Gensan

Tuesday, September 9,2014
GMA EDM Party 7:00 PM Oval Grandstand

Thursday, September 11, 2014
ABS CBN Kapamilya Night 7:00 PM Oval Grandstand

Friday,September 12, 2014
Smart Night 6:00 PM Oval Grandstand
Sky Night: Battle of the Bands 6:00 PM Veranza

Saturday, September 13, 2014
Battle of the Pentagon 7:00PM-12MN Lagao Gym
Pa-MorninganSaGensan 9:00-2:00am Oval Grandstand

That’s two weeks of Tuna Festival Schedule of Events for you!  Enjoy the festivities and Happy Tuna Festival everyone!