To drum up more interest in the upcoming 2011 Tuna Festival, thanks to Republic Magazine‘s Ralph Layco and City Mayor’s Office’s Egai Cadiente, a series of short videos were recently released to the public featuring General Santos City’s gay icon, “Miss Paraguay” or simply “Paraguay“.

“Paraguay” who was named by her adoring “fans” (Bariles included) after the country where most Miss Universe winners hail from,  is a common sight along the city’s major streets, royally walking queen-like, her 6-foot tall frame garbed in the most colorful costumes ever with her hair dyed in the brightest orange, green, blue or whatever tickles her fancy.

Whenever there are festivals, “Paraguay”, due to her height, literally stands out from among the crowds and usually causes a commotion each time she does her short funny routines, by either shouting witty outrageous remarks in Cebuano or play-acting for her instant audience.  Needless to say, her being funny, irreverent, unpredictable and colorful makes Miss Paraguay, truly a gay icon of GenSan!

Here are the videos featuring GenSan’s very own Miss Paraguay:  Taga-GenSan ka kung…. The Paraguay Revelations!

Video #1: Paraguay

Video #2: Shamcey Supsup

Video #3: Pacquiao

Video #4: Tuna

Ikaw, taga-GenSan ka ba?  Taga-GenSan ka, kung-i-LIKE mo ito sa baba!