St. Elizabeth Hospital recently heralded a remarkable milestone that promises to transform healthcare and education in nearby Sultan Kudarat Province. A historic Tripartite Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) has been inked, forging an invaluable alliance between the Provincial Government of Sultan Kudarat, Sultan Kudarat State University (SKSU), and St. Elizabeth Hospital, Inc. (SEHI), designating St. Elizabeth Hospital as the base hospital for the University’s prestigious College of Medicine.

This extraordinary collaboration marks a giant leap forward in elevating healthcare education, igniting groundbreaking research endeavors, and revolutionizing healthcare services across Sultan Kudarat Province. St. Elizabeth Hospital, a beacon of excellence, will assume a central role in sculpting the destiny of aspiring healthcare professionals. It will serve as the crucible for hands-on clinical training and the incubator for practical experience for the bright minds enrolled in SKSU’s College of Medicine.

However, the significance of this partnership transcends the confines of bricks and mortar, as both SEHI and SKSU pledge to become guiding lights of hope for Sultan Kudarat’s cherished residents. Their commitment extends to offering world-class medical services while simultaneously cultivating a nurturing ground for compassionate and highly skilled medical practitioners who will dedicate themselves to the province and the entire region.

Luminaries whose unwavering commitment to the cause was evident graced the prestigious signing ceremony at the Retro Hall of the SEH, hosted by Jay Dayupay. Present at the momentous occasion were SEHI’s visionary Chief Executive Officer, Antonio Veneracion; the esteemed Medical Director, Dr. Ronaldo Veneracion; and, the venerable Chief of Clinics, Dr. Ma. Helena Veneracion-Garcia. They were joined by the indefatigable Provincial Governor of Sultan Kudarat, Hon. Datu Pax Ali Sangki Mangudadatu; the dynamic First District Congresswoman, Hon. Bai Rihan Mangudadatu-Sakaluran, and the illustrious SKSU President, Samson Molao, EdD. With the SK delegation were some of the Sangguniang Panglalawigan Board Members and former mayor Ronan Eugene Garcia, Chairman of the Sultan Kudarat Coffee Council.

This historic Tripartite agreement serves as a clarion call to the entire nation, heralding a transformative era in healthcare and education. Together, St. Elizabeth Hospital, Sultan Kudarat State University, and the Provincial Government of Sultan Kudarat are crafting a future where healthcare knows no bounds, and education becomes the cornerstone of progress. In Sultan Kudarat, the future is luminous, and its heart beats with the promise of a healthier, brighter tomorrow.