Grade school student Miles, when asked about what he wanted to become,  answers with conviction, “I want to be a computer programmer,” after being inspired by the idea of developing and playing games like the ones he played as a child.

Little did he know that games, particularly online gaming, would play a significant role in his life. He gets to become a marksman, an axe-wielder, or a mage at certain times, depending on his mood—at least in the online world.

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At 22, Camilo Miles Carlos, or Miles, as his friends call him, has seen online gaming evolve from merely a past time back in grade school, into a hobby he continuously enjoys, and even consider as a serious career path.

His fascination for online gaming led him to take up a college course in computer science, hoping to learn the ropes of the world of software and games.

“I find online gaming exciting. You get to interact with people, make new friends and build your online persona. It’s like, you get to be a hero in your own, virtual world, going into awesome adventures,” he said.

Miles, as an avid gamer, has played various online games and has seen the evolution of online gaming in the Philippine landscape, from one of the first multiplayer online role-playing games that hit the country, Ragnarok, to the now popular League of Legends which has translated into many different gaming competitions.

“I first got hooked with Ragnarok, then Flyff, RAN, and now League of Legends. I and gaming have a long history together,” said Miles. “I remember going to stores before to buy multiple top-up cards and gaming PINs. Good thing, Smart now has GameX. I can now conveniently buy e-PINs online with just my Smart load.”

What Miles was referring to was GameX (, an online portal powered by leading wireless services provider Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart). Through GameX, Smart subscribers like Miles can now conveniently purchase e-PINs conveniently  anytime, anywhere, on any device, with only their Smart load and mobile phone account.


“I find GameX really helpful. It saves me from the hassle of going to stores when buying cards and PINs. Plus, I don’t have to worry about running out of e-PINs in the middle of the night because the website is accessible 24/7,” Miles said.

Available e-PINs in GameX are famed games like Heroes of Newerth, Mercenary Online, Dragon Nest, Elsword, Yulgang2, Drakensang, Blade9, and a lot more, including one of the world’s most played games today with more than 27 million gamers, the League of Legends. GameX can be accessed via phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Aside from e-PINs, GameX also offers mobile games for Android devices, and Java games for other handsets.

Those who are into Facebook gaming will also find GameX to be a very convenient means to purchase game credits. All it takes is to select the option to “Pay with Mobile” while playing the game on Facebook, then enter one’s Smart number to confirm purchase.

During the recent run of what was touted as the “pinnacle of Philippine e-sports,” the Pinoy Gaming Festival, managing director of Rapture Gaming Philippines and head organizer Jobert Yu cited that “Philippines has one of the highest gaming populations in the world.”

He added, “With our gamers also starting to make a name in the worldwide arena, companies are really seeing the potential of online gaming in the Philippine market. And with a big telecommunications company like Smart stepping into the game, the gaming industry will surely see more developments in the future.”

With GameX, players can simply visit the website, buy the PIN for the game they are playing or select the Android, Java or Facebook game they want to buy, and then pay for it using their Smart prepaid load or have it charged to their postpaid bill. Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular subscribers can also enjoy the same services using the GameX website.

“Most of us do not have credit cards but everybody has a mobile phone that can be loaded in over a million prepaid loading stations all over the country,” said Mellissa Limcaoco, head of Smart’s innovation and product development group.

“Smart is always on the lookout for new innovations. We hope that with GameX, we’re empowering millions of Filipino gamers by giving them faster and easier access to their gaming needs with just their load and mobile phone account.”

Miles added, “GameX is like a gamer’s warehouse and our Smart load our ultimate weapon. It lets me get ahead of everyone else in the game. We literally can ‘live more’ online with GameX.”

Just like Miles, you can start powering up your gaming experience with GameX. Just visit for more information.