One of the most important contributions of Robinsons Place GenSan to the city is its Al Fresco strip of restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

Ever since this row opened a year ago in October 2009, the night life of General Santos City eventually woke up with more and more people slowly discovering the pleasures of staying up until midnight in any one of Robinsons now famous hangouts, like Piyesta KTV and Resto Bar, Big Ben’s Steaks, Sunset Bistro, Bigby’s, Grab A Crab Restaurant, Coffee Club 101 and Blue Gre Coffee.

Robinsons Al Fresco strip is now the hippest place to chill at night whether on quiet weekdays or during the more action-filled weekends when various acoustic bands are available to entertain a mostly yuppie crowd.  The area has transformed the once lifeless city into a bustling recreation center of South Central Mindanao.

That is the very reason why SM City GenSan will also be coming up with their own strip to help enliven the Tuna Capital’s night life even more.   Set to open on February 2012, 14 months from now is their very own entertainment and fun strip in a section of their mall which they call the “OPEN PLAZA“.

Here is an artist’s sketch of SM CITY GENSAN’s OPEN PLAZA

As Bariles mentioned in an earlier post about SM City GenSan, the mall’s very own version of Robinsons’ Al Fresco Strip will occupy two floors of the mall’s east side (nearest Socoteco compound) with two wings encircling a GIANT FOUNTAIN at the center in a U-formation.

Below is the right wing, from a rear end perspective…

Based on these designs and other SM City GenSan perspectives, it is very clear that the owners of SM City GenSan is leaving no stone unturned in making sure that their mall will easily clinch the #1 title in South Central Mindanao once they have established themselves.

What is really certain though is the eventuality that with Mr. Henry Sy’s new mall adorning GenSan’s ever evolving skyline, the city is well on its way to becoming Mindanao’s most exciting city of the future!

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