What used to be just a small sidestreet linking Jose Catolico Avenue and Santiago Boulevard few knew as San Miguel Street is soon staging a major debut after months of expansion and improvement by SM City General Santos or simply, SM GenSan.

See SM City GenSan Map by clicking here.

After securing ownership to the small parcel of land at the J. Catolico end of the road, owned by SOCOTECO II, the contractors of SM City GenSan started widening and rebuilding San Miguel Street to make it worthy as the main road of the frontage of the very much-anticipated construction in this part of the Philippines.

See old article of leasing enquiries in SM City GenSan by clicking here.

Yesterday, Bariles saw vertical tarps hanging on the street light posts along the now widened road.

On closer look, here is what it says….

Other than telling us that it is opening the whole stretch of San Miguel Street to the riding public soon, seems like as early as now, SM City General Santos, which is still set to operate on February 2012,  is announcing to the world that it does things better!

Would the other malls of GenSan take this sitting down?

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.