2008 was an eventful year for Bariles Republic not only because it was able to achieve its purpose of putting developmental news about General Santos up there in Google Search pages in so short a time (one year).   Making it even more special was the fact that General Santos City herself (the reason for Bariles Republic’s existence) grew and progressed at a pace unimaginable that Bariles (the author) hardly had time to keep up blogging about these developments.

Kudos to the administration of Mayor Jun Acharon and Congresswoman Darlene Antonino-Custodio and their constituents, most notably the business sector for making this happen.

Thirdly, it made Bariles realize that he was correct in his theory that yes indeed, the “generals” out there all want to be updated about the ongoings of their beloved hometown…. on a regular basis that is.  Proof is the more than 300 email subscribers and RSS readers that Bariles Republic now has, making it the #1 Blog in South Central Mindanao.

Bariles the Man

For this post, Bariles just wants to greet these people and their families plus the occasional reader a very merry Christmas and a bountiful and more colorful 2009!

And let him just say proudly, “Thank you for making Bariles Republic the #1 Blog in South Central Mindanao.  May God bless us all!”