Happy New Year everyone!


Being the 2nd day of the Year of the Ox, we are releasing the TOP 10 Lists of Bariles Republic for 2008 which we gathered from Google Analytics for the blog posts released from January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008.

Here goes:

Robinsons General Santos begins construction | Bariles Republic's GenSantos.Com


  1. P2 Billion Robinson’s General Santos Mall begins construction (published June 20, 2008) – 3,487 views;
  2. Free ABS-CBN Regional TV Patrol on the web (published January 31, 2008)- 1,678 views;
  3. Bloggers, you can now register for MBS2 (published September 22, 2008)- 1,388 views;
  4. SM Supermalls on the lookout for leasing manager for SM City-GenSan (published October 30, 2008)- 1,343 views;
  5. SM GenSan’s future site? (published September 17, 2008)- 1,273 views;
  6. 10th Tuna Festival Sked All Set (published July 27, 2008) – 1,212 views;
  7. Bariles presents Dela Hoya-Pacquiao Fight Replay Video (published December 9, 2008) – 1,168 views;
  8. Dela Hoya-Pacquiao 24/7 HBO Special TV Series now available (published November 21, 2008) – 1,081 views;
  9. A Manny Pacquiao Scandal (published January 11, 2008) – 1,062 views;
  10. Robinsons Place Gen. Santos Construction in full swing (October 15, 2008) – 1,017 views;

If you noticed, the posts on the impending entry of supermalls Robinsons Place-GenSan and SM City-GenSan illicited the most # of views, getting the TOP 1 SPOT, and spots #4, #5 and  #10.   Judging from their ranks in the TOP 10 MOST VIEWED, this goes to show that these developments are indeed very welcome among Bariles’ readers who are hungry for good news about their hometown.

Coming in next are the 3 Manny Pacquiao articles headed by the Dela Hoya-Pacquiao fight replay video (#7).  This post featuring the replay of the fight still gathers considerable # of views on a daily basis.  This only means that readers go to Bariles Republic, among other sites when seeking out specialized news on the boxing champ who himself is a native of General Santos city.

My posts on the ABS-CBN Regional TV on the web, the Registration Process for the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit got the #2 and #3 spots while the Tuna Festival Schedule was the 6th Most Viewed post last year.


  1. P2 Billion Robinsons Gen. Santos Mall begins construction – 261 comments.  The comments on this post which also got the most # of views had one thing in common: excitement and exhiliration from all its writers on what should be the biggest investment in GenSan in years.
  2. WordPress, Blogspot, Multiply, Friendster bloggers: Register now for MBS2! – 224 comments.  This post on the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit in GenSan, the largest gathering of bloggers in Mindanao elicited positive comments from all over the island, introducing Bariles Republic and GenSan to Mindanao’s blogging community.
  3. Bariles Republic awarded one of the Top 10 Most Influential Emerging Blogs of 2008 – 126 comments.  When Bariles Republic was chosen as one of the country’s Top 10 Most Influential Emerging Blogs in August, congratulatory messages poured in from all over the world, earning this post the 3rd spot in the Most Commented Posts for 2008.
  4. GSC hosts Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2 in October – 121 comments.  The news on GenSan’s hosting of the MBS2 spread like wildfire among the blogging and non-blogging communities and elicited words of encouragement and congratulations from Bariles Republic’s readers and helped increase its awareness among the gathering’s soon to be “sponsors”.
  5. 10th Tuna Festival Sked All Set – 108 comments.  The succesful staging of the 10th Tuna Festival encouraged Bariles Republic’s readers to write their positive feedbacks about it in this post, making it land in the 5th spot of most commented articles.
  6. A Million Thanks to You, Mindanao Bloggers – 95 comments.  This post took the 6th spot with the over 90 comments posted by mostly bloggers who joined the highly succesful 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit, hosted by GenSan and spearheaded by Bariles himself, who got a “standing ovation” after his Talk.  Hehehe!
  7. Happy Birthday to the biggest Small Bro in the World! – 90 comments.  Bariles’ birthday tribute to his younger brother Orman turned in 90 or so birthday greetings and wishes for him.  It was an experiment which did fairly well.
  8. An artist’s sketch of the Robinsons GenSan ftontage.  –  81 comments.  The 2nd Robinson’s post to make it to the Top 10 of the Most Commented for 2008.  The artist sketch itself was downloaded more than a 100 times and could be seen copied in a lot of forums and blogs.
  9. Multi-million Pacquiao Building in GenSan nearing completion –  81 comments.  This post has got to be the most controversial with the type of comments it received from readers who either loved or hated the design of Manny’s commercial building at the South Osmena.   The threaded comments got so heated up that the architect of the building had to write his own defense.
  10. ABS-CBN Talent Center cancels Tuna Festival show of John Lloyd, Gerald and Kim – 79 comments.  Another controversial post which produced the most number of “HATE” messages against the Kapamilya Network.  Although Socsargen is ABS-CBN territory, their Manila Office’s cancelling of their Tuna Fest concert because of their “perceived” security issues against the area showed them that the “generals” are not about to take it sitting down.  This post also transformed a lot of Kapamilya viewers into Kapuso’s.

TOP 10 Visiting Countries:

  1. Philippines – 35,817 visits;
  2. United States – 8,462 visits;
  3. United Arab Emirates – 1,742 visits;
  4. Canada – 1,371 visits;
  5. Saudi Arabia – 1,082 visits;
  6. United Kingdom – 810 visits;
  7. Kuwait – 577 visits;
  8. Malaysia – 410 visits;
  9. Australia – 407 visits;
  10. Singapore – 395 visits.

The TOP POST OF THE YEAR 2008, for Bariles however is the post Bariles Just Got Married which merited 791 views and garnered 59 comments.   Read it if you haven’t and find out why.

A Happier 2009 again to everyone!!! 🙂