Finally, it’s out!  My new theme, that is.

After months of looking for the right person who could help me out in my quest for the suitable “magazine theme” I have long been craving for, one of Davao’s The Usual Suspects, a young engineer by the name of Winston Almendras, finally agreed to do it for me.

As you well know, I created this blog by focusing it solely on my hometown, General Santos City, hoping to create its own niche among my townmates who have moved elsewhere and needed to be updated on matters pertaining to their beloved hometown or for people who need more than the usual “news” about the Tuna Capital.

Since I started in November 2007, I have written over 160 posts already, each peppered with pictures to make them more reader-friendly.  From my research, I realized that a magazine-theme would best suit this type of blog, creating a balance between function (provide info) and aesthetics (pictures as eye-candy).

It was not difficult to convince Winston to come up with my dream theme for me considering that he is currently busy reviewing for his board exams in Cebu.  The catch was in telling him to work on his own sweet time and not rush anything.

Thus, what you are seeing now, this fruit of his labor is WordPress Theme Bariles 1.0, which Winston based on the  Arthemia theme.  It is still 90% of the final design because of some adjustments he has to make based on my additional requests, very minor actually.

One major change though is to highlight GenSantos.Com as the title of the blog, putting less emphasis on Bariles Republic which will now be the Corporate Owner Name (hehehe).  I have lots of plans for BR hoping to lend it to two or more blogs in the future.

So there you have it, my dear readers, my new magazine theme, Bariles 1.0.    Bear with me as this is still a work in progress.  Rest assured, it is the same GenSan Blog you have known plus a bit more.

Of course, it will still surely serve its purpose as AN IDIOT’S GUIDE TO GENERAL SANTOS CITY.  🙂

Winston, what more can I say?   Daghang salamat gyud.  You exceeded all my expectations!!!! 🙂

Thanks too to Ayel Lalisan who first designed a header for me when I was just starting out and Dennis Paul Custorio who followed it up with a much complicated kaleidescope of my photos in the header,   and finally to Brother Vince Celeste, FMS for being my teacher all throughout my initial fascination with WordPress.

Hey!  I was featured at the Mindanao Bloggers homepage by Davao’s blog guru Blogie Robillo immediately after the Bariles 1.0 Theme came out.  Read all about it by CLICKING HERE.

Thanks IDOL!!!!