Finally, I am submitting my list of nominations to Janette Toral’s writing project.  This is the search for The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2008.  It took me awhile to come up with my own list even submitting it during the last qualifying week, because there are just sooo many of them around.

I hope you find these blogs wothy and interesting as much as I did.  Read on…

  1. Davao Deliciousa food blog by Davao’s blog guru Blogie Robillo.  I am including it here not only because it has influenced the way I write about food and events but as a tribute to the person who has been unwavering in his desire to spread bloging in Mindanao, and has been open to helping noobies like me to be more effective bloggers in our own niches.
  2. Work With RiaI first met the author, Ria Jose even before I read her blog at the Blog Seminar in Koronadal where she was one of the speakers.  By the time she opened her mouth to talk about her numerous blogs and regale us with her amusing experiences as a blogger, I turned into a disciple.  Ria rules!
  3. Mar Roxas for President – you should hand it over to blog author Kevin Ray Chua for coming up with this political blog which has gathered  so much praise and flak at the same time.  Although 2010 is still far away, Kevin’s blog has sure influenced a lot of still undecided young voters.
  4. Homeward Bound –  blog of a young teacher from Alabel, Sarangani Province.  Ariel Lalisan‘s blog has taught me a lesson or two on writing from a first person’s personal point of view.  His takes on his job, the environment, his students and a whole lot of varied topics is always welcome reading in my INBOX, being one of his RSS subsribers.   🙂
  5. Bong S. Sarmientoa photo journalist based in Koronadal city,  he is one prolific writer!  My idol when it comes to feature writing, Bong has influenced me on how I currently do my stories… although I know that I still have a long way to go.  🙂
  6. Build That Geek – the blog of a fellow general but decades younger Mikko Gozalo.  Now a freshman at UP Diliman, he is one of the youngest Pinoy brainiacs I have come across in the blogosphere.  He writes exceptionally well and he rants and raves like nobody in his age bracket ever does… which is a compliment of course.  Another future millionaire, mark my word! 🙂
  7. Techy Kidauthored by my Bariles 1.0 theme designer, Winston Almendras who is one of the best, and the youngest in his field.  His posts are decipherable to the non-techie since he writes in simple layman’s terms.  He will soon be a millionaire, mark my word!  🙂
  8. Flavored Tongueblog of a student nurse, Richard Diongson from the cool hills of Kidapawan who writes in both Tagalog and English with the vitality of the youth of today.   
  9. Socsksargen Discourses columnist Ben Sumog-uy‘s collection of his write-ups, editorials and news features.  Might be heavy reading for some but insightful and provocative for his fans, including myself
  10. Bariles Republic’s GenSantos.Comwhat can I say?  Am not here to toot my own horn but hey, according to YOU (you know who you are) …. I deserve to be here. 🙂

And hey, if you find this blog worthy of being one of 2008’s TOP 10 EMERGING INFLUENTIAL BLOGS, why not blog about it?  Deadline is on August 4, 2008.