PLDT Home launches the Philippines’ first 10,000 Mbps fiber-optic service, paving the way for the future of home connectivity.

This new service from the Philippines’ fastest broadband internet provider puts country on par with first-world nations like South Korea, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Italy New Zealand and the USA.

A 10,000 Mbps service from PLDT Home is expected to revolutionize internet speeds in the Philippines.

“PLDT remains committed to shaping our country’s future and leading the way towards a connected nation. That’s what we do for our north star – our customers: business owners, professionals, tech gurus with large homes and multiple screens. Because of this, they require the fastest home broadband powered by the fastest network. And we are ready to give them all 10,000,” said PLDT President and CEO Alfredo Panlilio.

PLDT Home will test its 10,000 Mbps service in Metro Manila in December, and then expand it to other key cities like Cebu and Davao in 2022.

The future of smart homes is here

An ambitious year-long network expansion program in 2021 will culminate in the planned rollout, ensuring the best internet connections for Filipino households.

“PLDT Home continues to innovate and make a difference in our customers’ lives,” said Butch G. Jimenez, Senior Vice President and Head of PLDT Home Business. “Filipinos can now enjoy the future — the smart home — with our new, upgraded, and fastest internet speed.”

Leading market and consumer data provider defines “smart home” as a private household controlled, monitored, and regulated through networked devices. Statista predicted a household penetration rate in the Philippines of 7.5% for 2021 and 14.2% (or 3.4 million active smart homes) by 2025.

A 10,000 Mbps connection is thus ideal for a bandwidth-hungry smart home. PLDT Home’s new Fiber Plan comes with a WiFi 6 Mesh System that ensures ultra-fast WiFi speeds covering an area of over 550 square meters.

“This demonstrates our commitment to modernizing the country’s digital infrastructure. PLDT Home’s fiber will not only power smart homes but also new metaverse applications being developed globally,” said Jeremiah De La Cruz, PLDT Senior Advisor for Home Business.

The most powerful fiber internet in PH

In November, PLDT Home launched the most powerful Fiber plans. These new plans automatically give PLDT Home Fiber subscribers free upgrades of up to three times their current internet speeds.

To power their smart home devices and cover their homes with seamless whole-home wifi connectivity, PLDT Home subscribers can now enjoy faster internet speeds.

PLDT Home is the country’s fastest fixed network, providing the best broadband services for Filipinos. PLDT added 324,000 new fiber subscribers in September 2021, giving it a market-leading 2.77 million fixed broadband subscribers.
PLDT offers the best high-speed plans across the country, backed by a 615,000 km fiber-optic network. Thus, the company provides fixed broadband connectivity to 12.7 million homes.

The telco giant continues to set the bar for broadband service in the country, with a four-peat record at the Ookla® Speedtest AwardsTM for Q1-Q2 2021. PLDT has remained and will remain at the top of its game.

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