[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or quite sometime time now, SM City General Santos has been offering LIVE BAND ENTERTAINMENT every night at its Fountain Court for the benefit of its shoppers who feel the need to unwind after a tiring, long, hot Gensan day.

Recently however, to provide even more reasons for them to stay, management has commissioned well-known homegrown barbecue eateries to set up their kiosks and tents at the venue and sell their grilled food there- roasted whole chicken, barbecued liempo, pork and chicken barbecue-on-sticks and the like.

Packing them in however is Ranchero’s Grill Thrills, since it has gone beyond what others were offering. (CLICK ON EACH IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEWS.)

For one, Grill Thrills serves pork barbecue that it calls “foot-long barbecue” since the cuts that are marinated in their special sauce are bigger.  Other than that, they have pork liempo and chicken cuts.  And yes, fish too, including tuna, prawns, tilapia and bangus, other others.  (CLICK ON EACH IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEWS.)

Just very recently, they added more offerings and are the very first to serve MONGOLIAN BARBECUE that is cooked right before your eyes, after you are given the freedom to choose its ingredients yourself. You can have the cook mix match everything, including rice.  (CLICK ON EACH IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEWS.)

Wait, there’s more! Grill Thrills is also serving Tahong, Grilled Burgers, Korean Barbecue Bowls, Japanese Yakitori Bowls and dessert!  (CLICK ON EACH IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEWS.)

The Grill Thrills experience is generally one for those who love great affordable food.  There is always something for everyone that fits within their budget.

Grill Thrills can be found at the SM City General Santos Fountain Court serving food from 6pm to 10pm nightly.  Live entertainment is provided by amazingly good local bands so every visit is definitely worth your while.  And since it’s operated by Ranchero’s, you can only expect awesomely fulfilling dining moments!

SM City gensan Fountain Court

See you at Grill Thrills!