Earlier this week, the Honorable Mayor Darlene Magnolia Antonino-Custodio of General Santos City delivered her “First 100 Days Report” to a mixed group of media personnel and city hall employees at her CMO Conference Room.

The “First 100 Days Report “neither presents the State of Affairs of the local governance nor the State of the City as a whole.  It is merely a partial account of the initial accomplishments of the local government covering the 3rd quarter of the Calendar Year 2010”.

Included in this report are “the salient initiatives undertaken by the local chief executive (Mayor Darlene) which translate into local governance policies carried out through issuances and pronouncements.”

It is a preliminary inventory of highlights under the four city development strategies cluster: Good Governance, Social Services & Livability, Fiscal Management & Bankability, and Investments/Jobs/Economy and Competitiveness.

We are sharing it to you here in its basic print form less the verbal explanations which the hardworking Chief Executive provided all throughout her delivery.

Darlene’s First 100 Days Report

We are encouraging you to read the “First 100 Days Report” in its entirety to give you a clear picture of where GenSan is likely to be heading under the administration of the indefatigable Mayor Darlene Antonino Custodio.

And after that, think of how you, as a general can do your share to help her in her vision of a globally competitive General Santos City.

That’s basically how things should continue to be up and running in GenSan –  by all of us (government and the public sectors) contributing and working  towards its betterment.

That’s what we could do as generals.

That’s the least we should do.