[dropcap]I [/dropcap]had a late lunch at Jollibee RD Plaza the other day when I chanced upon a poster on one of their glass walls near the cashier counter.  Upon closer look, I found out that it was the Mass Schedules of the nearby downtown churches of General Santos City.

Why they had to publish this was beyond me but then I had to admit that it’s a good guide for their walk-in customers who needed to be reminded to keep holy the Sabbath Day (depending on their religion, or sect).

Downtown General Santos especially the area near Plaza Heneral Santos is cramped with churches of all denominations, an idea hatched during the 40s when the officials of what was then Rajah Buayan District was conceptualizing its zoning masterplan.

TRIVIA:  From above, downtown central looks like a giant chalice with Pedro Acharon Sr. Boulevard serving as its base, Pioneer Avenue as the node and both Pendatun and Roxas Avenues as the boundaries/edges of the cup.  The local government center of GenSan is right in the center of the chalice and above it is Notre Dame of Dadiangas University.  The National Highway represents the rim of the cup.  Along the bottom part of the cup are the various houses of worship, representing the very “foundation” of mankind.

Here now is that poster of the Mass Schedules of the Downtown Churches of GenSan including the Our Lady of Peace & Good Voyage Parish, the Iglesia ni Kristo, the United Church of Christ in the Philippines, the Seventh Day Adventist and the City Alliance Church.

Thank you Jollibee RD Plaza!

See you in church brothers and sisters!  May God be with you.  And yes, drop by Jollibee RD Plaza afterwards, ok?