Now that he is back in Gensan and Sarangani province, Manny Pacquiao in partnership with the National Darts Federation of the Philippines (NDFP) and the local government of General Santos City, is sponsoring the biggest dart tournament in the history of Philippine darts the- Manny Pacquiao P5 Million International Darts Classic on November 27-30, 2009 at the air-conditioned GenSan Gymnasium in Barangay Lagao.

For its inception this year, Manny is giving out a record cash prize of five (5) million pesos.  This is quite historical and a record-breaking number for Phillipine darts and a very attractive come-on for darters all around the globe.

The 5 Million MP International Dart Classic
The 5 Million MP International Dart Classic

According the the organizer’s website:

Manny believes the Filipino darters are competent players that can make a name in the International dart scene with the proper support, encouragement and exposure. True to his words, the record cash prize of five million pesos is more than an encouragement but a motivation to strive for excellence. His tournaments since last year has been an inspiration to darters starting with the P300,000 Pacman I and II Series of 2008 culminating in the unprecedented Manny Pacquiao 2 Million Darts Classic in December of 2008. This year started with the support to the USA based Filipino darters with the $30,000 Pacmania I and the $100,000 Pacmania II while training in the USA. These were followed by the P300,000 in Malungon, Sarangani and the P300,000 in Alabel, Sarangani tournaments in the last few months.

The same release continued that “the level of competition will be extraordinarily high” with more foreign players and a “vastly improved” pool of local dart players.  Consider these events and their corresponding prizes:

  • The Open Singles event has a total cash prize of 2M with the champion winning P700,000.
  • Up for grabs in the Fix Four-Person Team event is P800,000 total cash prize with P300,000 going to the champion.
  • The Fix Doubles will carry P500,000 in total prizes and the champions pocketing P120,000.
  • On tap for the Classified Draw events are the Doubles with P500,000, Triples with 501,000 and the Four -Person with P500,000 (new event). The Free-Registration Youth Singles P20,000 and another new event the Non-Classified , no ranking points Seniors Singles P29,000 and the P150,000 Ladies Singles. The cash prizes for most of the non-singles events goes up to the top 128 players.

Here is the schedule of the Manny Pacquiao P5 Million International Dart Classic events:

See you at the gym then!