Ok, so you like the pictures that Bariles posts here on a regular basis.  Well, surprisingly, you are not alone.  A lot of readers do.

But did you know that up to know, Bariles is just a point-and-shoot photographer who knows nothing about aperture and shutter speed and ISO and that sort of stuff?  The pictures he posted in this blog were taken on automatic setting and are basically, plain and flat.   Only God knows how much he would have wanted to improve on his shots, make them more artistic, and maybe, just maybe, win accolades in the process.

But first, he would have to be trained and learn important skills for starters!

Well, here is good news for Bariles and all the desperate amateurs out there!

Award-winning photographer and blogger Leonard Pe will be conducting a “Basic Photography Workshop” which he has called “PHOTOGRAPHY ESSENTIALS“.

Leonard Pes Basic Photography Workshop
"Leonard Pe's Basic Photography Workshop"

Leonard Pe who was a Greenpeace Southeast Asia Cleanwater Project awardee and was able to mount his first exhibit already and was featured in Manila Bulletin, will be sharing his knowledge and expertise on the following subjects:

  • Principles of Photography
  • Composition Techniques
  • Camera Operation
  • Post Processing and Workflow
  • Printing Your PHotos
  • Practical Application

The seminar which will be held at the Conference Room A, HenryRuiz Building, NDDU Compound  has a registration fee of  P1,500 only,  which is quite a bargain since most professional photogs charge 5x higher, at the very least.  The fee comes with reference materials, snacks and a Certificate of Completion.

So if you want to be like Leonard Pe and shoot mostly great stuff and get all the girls running after you to make him shoot them in the buff, then contact him NOW and register for this seminar!

For more information, check out the official blog of Leonard at www.leonardpe.com or contact him at o920-9571979.