[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen my mom left us in almost 10 years ago, it felt as if the whole world came tumbling down on me. Yes, my dad passed away three years earlier, but the felt of losing a mother felt more unbearable.  It was as if I lost another arm, a leg, or both eyes.

I have always been the sweetest son to her, being  the eldest.  My work in sales and eventually in public service, always had me traveling at one point or the other.  During  those times, as much as I could, I used to write her long letters delivered by snail mail.  Then when the age of digital communications began, I always manage to call her, instead of texting  because she could hardly read the messages I try to send through my sister’s phones.

Signals were intermittent before and  calls are often dropped.  But that did not stop me from always updating her on my whereabouts, asking her how she was… just enough to make her feel that I was always thinking of her, not far away.  That was how much I love her, and now, writing this, I realized how much I have missed her… now that her birthday is almost here.

That is why, the millenials of today are very fortunate.  They can easily have access to their moms even from a great distance due to the advances in digital technology.  If I were in their shoes, I would not hesitate to give time for their mommy, nanay, inay, mama and take advantage of Smart’s faster, crispier and clearer signals to contact her via video calls.

Their mothers have always been there for them so it is just fitting that they should be there for her like never before.  A call, a hello, a hug, a kiss… that would make them very, very happy.

Watch this video from Smart Communications so you would get my drift.

Tell you mothers you love them… before it is too late.  Greet them Happy Mother’s Day.  That is all they need for their selfless love for you.