Had the chance to visit the General Santos City Fishport Complex last week with friend Leonard Pe and Johnjohn who were there to shoot and tape the ongoings (for a video project) at the Market One where all the giant tuna which are downloaded daily.

As early as 6:30am we were already at the Fishport Office, trying on pairs of plastic boots that may fit our feet. You see, ever since the complex was accredited by the European Union and the US of A, it has reinforced its very strict and stringent rules and hygienic standards for everyone wanting to come in ((including wearing the proper attire). And if no have no business being there, better keep out.

Gensan Fishport


Here is a gallery of the pictures I took at the Market One of the GenSan Fishport Complex:

Man carrying tunaSignboardBig Eye TunaRecordersTuna ManFor ClassifyingWeighing the TunaTesting the meat qualityYellow Fin tunaClassifiers in lineHandline FishermenClassifying the meat