The U.S. Embassy in Manila invites everyone to take part in their photo contest, the Sakay Na! Jeepney Photo Challenge. They are inviting the public to submit their best original photos featuring Philippine Jeepneys to compete for a chance to win prizes.

We see the Jeepney as a symbol of U.S.-Philippine friendship,” says U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Officer Robin Diallo. “The earliest Jeepneys were constructed from jeeps brought to the Philippines by the United States during World War II, but since that time, they have evolved in beautiful and creative ways.

Jeepneys express the unique culture of the various regions of the Philippines, as they differ in style and design from place to place. Given the historical connection of the Jeepney to the United States, the U.S. Embassy is launching the Sakay Na! photo contest to celebrate this unique and colorful cultural icon.

Winning submissions will receive a Kodak Pocket Camcorder and an invitation from the U.S. Embassy to a special event. In addition, the winning photographs will be part of a special exhibit at the U.S. Embassy.

To enter the contest, visit the U.S. Embassy Manila Facebook page at, click on the “Sakay Na! Jeepney Photo Challenge” link, and follow the instructions.

The contest is open to anyone residing in the Philippines who is at least 13 years of age. Deadline for submissions is Thursday, February 19. They will be inviting the public to vote via Facebook for the top three entries during the voting period from February 20 to February 25.

So, get your camera now, go out into the streets and start clicking!  Join the US Embassy in celebrating the Jeepney, and send them your photos of jeepneys from anywhere in the Philippines.  Have fun!