I luckily got hold of a copy of the 2012 calendar given by a large tobacco multinational firm to its dealers and was very pleased with what I found inside its pages.

The calendar highlights twelve famous Philippine Festivals including General Santos City‘s TUNA FESTIVAL!

Two festivals are featured in each page and the Tuna Festival comes out together with Davao’s KADAYAWAN at the page for the July-August-September quarter.  Take note that Kadayawan happens in August while the Tuna Festival occurs from September 1 -5, 2012.

What really caught my attention are the female models dressed, made up and accessorized in an ultra-modern rendering of each festival.  Very unique and very classy, I must say.

Check out the photo below of the page with a shimmery, silvery and sexy “mermaid” representing GenSan’s very own splashy Tuna Festival. (You may click on the image for a larger view.)

What do you think?  Do you like how the Tuna Festival was depicted?  Share  us your thoughts please.