Late last night, after doing some overtime work at the office, I decided to spend the rest of the Halloween at the Coffee Club 101.  I would have loved to witness the ongoing Foam Party at the Gen. Santos City’s premier party place, the East Asia Royale Hotel Carpark but my asthma has been acting up lately so I decided against it.

There was only a couple inside the coffee shop that time since everyone seems to have gone foam partying.  With only a few lights on, the place looked eerie.  Instead, vigil candles were scattered all around adding more to the spooky feel. Cobwebs were hanging from the walls, furniture and ceiling and bats plus various body parts were littered everywhere.

It was truly one haunted coffee shop!!!

The staff themselves were all made up to look like ghosts and vampires that I was afraid somebody would grab my neck, or what’s left of it.

The overhead flat TV was on and instead of the usual Fashion TV telecast, they were showing the movie, “13 Ghosts”.  Nice touch huh?

So while sipping on my Milky Caramel Chillino (no sugar), I was multi-tasking by browsing the internet with my Nokia E71 courtesy of Coffee Club 101’s free Wi-Fi and looking up at the tv screen to see what has happened so far to the family trapped inside the house of the 13 ghosts.

Later on, in the spirit of the season, they gave us plastic ghoul masks to wear which we gleefully did. My mask was fitted for a kid’s face so it was not able to cover my double chin.  But what the heck, I asked Jay to take my picture.

So there we were, comfortably fastened to our seats with our masks on when suddenly, we were all startled by a loud terrifying scream, followed by shrieks from the lady staff.

It was a lady customer who literally jumped out of her seat after being scared by a crawling Sadako, the mysterious ghost of a girl who was drowned in a well, and comes out of a TV, in the Japanese movie, The Ring.

This time she was aiming for the remaining customers inside Coffee Club 101 since it was a few minutes before 1:00 AM, which is its closing time.

Sensing that Sadako was headed for us, we immediately headed for the exit, a little flustered but amused at the Halloween fun we just had, right inside General Santos City’s haunted coffee shop along Laurel East.

Happy halloween weekend everyone!  🙂