If you noticed, Bariles Republic has a new header now, courtesy of my friend, Dennis Paul Custorio, a soon-to-be-very famous and very rich website developer/designer, the BEST IN GENSAN.

I first met Paul during the 1st Blog Seminar in Koronadal last January organized by Mark Aethen, a student leader at NDMU and a member of Mindanao Bloggers.

We met again 2 weeks later at Babes Bar (of all places) during Valentines where I was celebrating the day with my partner and he was as I should say, celebrating “Singleness Awareness Day” (tama ba Paul?). He joined our table and in between moments ogling at the unaccompanied babes around and sipping our San Mig Lites, came this offer from him to design my website.

With his very busy schedule from designing local and international webpages like those of the East Asia Royale Hotel, Filipino singer Nonoy Zuniga, Mindanao Polytechnic College, Floraclay Singapore, and Chinberg Construction, and even that of Jun Lozada‘s (!), he first finished this header, which is basically what I had in mind.

As you can see, it now contains a header tag – AN IDIOT’S GUIDE TO GEN. SANTOS CITY – TUNA CAPITAL OF THE PHILIPPINES which hopefully aptly describes my blog.

Paul, daghang salamat gyud playboy!!!! Ako taya sa 3 ka lites sunod!!!!

And before I forget, thank you too Sir Ariel for designing my first header over at my old blogger blog and to Bro. Vince for patiently planting this new blog header to my site since am so bobo with regard to these things. Daghan na jud kug utang ninyo bay!

And you, my friends, I hope you like it too. What do you think?