Traditional leaders, elders, allies, and subordinates in various tones exchange amenities during a social gathering known as kalilangan, which means festivity or jubilee in Filipino.

It is also a pageantry of ethnic rites, rituals, and traditions that are unique and colorful, such as wedding celebrations, religious ceremonies, anniversaries, funerals, and the enthronement of royal dignitaries, as well as other forms of social, political, and economic activities.

According to the General Santos City Local Government Unit’s Facebook page, the festival this year emphasizes the Culture of Care, or “KALINGA KALINANGAN,” in order to maintain the heart of Kalilangan.

Further, it stated that “this pandemic requires everyone to care for one another, to be kind to one another, and to be concerned about one another.”

To cultivate a culture of care, it is necessary to create an environment in which people feel valued, not only within but also outside of their ethnolinguistic group. This results in cultural indulgence as well as cultural preservation.

A culture of care begins with a deeper understanding of people’s culture, which includes their traditions, history, and heritage, as well as their connection to one another.

This year, join the generals as they celebrate Kalilangan Festival in its third virtual edition, which will further the vaccination campaign while also sustaining the marriage of the three people’s cultures and bridging the event towards the new normal, as well as the vaccination campaign. 

The Kalilangan Festival 2022 is also in celebration of the 83rd Anniversary of the Founding of General Santos City.