Dole Philippines or Dolefil has been around for more than 50 years already and has been one, if not the biggest contriibutor to the economy of SoCCSkSarGen.  It has directly and indirectly given livelihood and employment to thousands of people and has continued to expand its contribution to the region’s coffers while offering healthy and world-class quality food products that they ship around the globe.

But did you know that Dolefil has also been creating projects meant to help out various communities and groups and has been involved in supporting programs to help protect, sustain, and care for the environment?  Yes, they have as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR) under their “DOLEFIL CARES” umbrella.

In this connection and to share this aspect in Dolefil’s 50-year old existence, the food giant is inviting everyone to their Dolefil Cares Expo when it opens at 4:00pm on November 10, 2014 and continues up until November 15th at the Veranza Event Center.

Dolefil Cares

This Dolefil Cares Expo is open to everyone, including and most especially, students from different schools in the locality.

According to Dolefil Corporate Head, Atty. Mel Hernandez, “The expo will focus on the four pillars of “Dolefil Cares” — Dolefil being the leader in corporate sustainability and social responsibility, the promoter of health, wellness and safety, number 1 in quality, and producer of new, exciting fruit products for the world“.

So expect an interactive exhibition with 3D and “Instagrammable” showcases such as a giant pineapple, giant Dole juice, photo walls, jumbo bowl, a mini theater and a juicery (with free juice samples)!

And there will be more!

Adds PR officer Gwyn Ann Ebol-Palima, “Visitors will also get the chance to win prizes (tablets, cellphones and other Dolefil Cares merchandise) by completing the Dolefil Cares Expo Booklet and uploading their photo in the Dolefil Cares Expo Facebook Page and like, tag, follow it.

Woot! That makes the Dolefil Cares Expo a must-see exhibit because not only it is informative, but also fun, exciting, interactively entertaining, as well.  Every general and every Soccsksargenian should be able to visit and experience it to find out how awesome Dolefil is as a caring company and why it is still around all these years.