On, Sunday, January 12, 2013, as part of the Regional Cyber Collegiate League, at the SM City General Santos, the first ever Cosplay Competition of the Year of the Wooden Horse comes galloping at a breakneck speed!

The RCCL which pits schools against each other, actually began today, January 9 with all sorts of activities like Lan Party, Art Contests and gaming competitions meant for the best  gaming enthusiasts in the region.  The Cosplay Competition on Sunday will be its MAIN EVENT.

To participate, interested cosplayers (walk-ins) may fill in the Registration Forms for the Cosplay Competiton which you may get from the Regional Cyber Collegiate League Booth at the SM atrium- event ground.  You may opt to fill up the ONLINE Registration Form too which you can access by CLICKING HERE.  

The deadline of submissions will be on January 12 in the morning.

Cosplay Guidelines:

1. The cosplay competition is open to individuals presenting their respective school.

2. Contestants must adhere to the Regional Collegiate League Cosplay Guidelines.

3. Contestants who wish to join must bring and present a valid I.D. for identification purposes.

4. All contestants must fill out and sign the Waiver/Image release form.

5. There will be no microphones on stage for contestant use.

6. All contestants must be respectful to each other, costumes, and props at all times. Willful damage of costume and props or inappropriate behavior to other contestants or staff will result in disqualification.

7. The use of flash powder, fireworks, lasers, electrical flashes or smoke machines are prohibited in any cosplay event.

8. Any presentations that are shocking or have stunts need to be cleared with a organizer before the event or risk disqualification.

9. Contestants are prohibited from jumping or running off the stage.

10. Do not leave anything on stage that cannot be quickly removed or easily picked up by stage hands.

11. Contestant may bring his/her audio for the presentation.

12. Contestant is valid for 30 seconds time limit for his/her stage presence.

13. Contestant must attach an image for his/her cosplay reference via email.

14. Should you be using audio for your performances, please ensure they are in .mp3 or .wma format and should be burned into a blank CD. Flashdrives are subject for approval by the technical head for security purposes. Please make sure a representative is present at the technical booth during your performance if multiple tracks will be played.

15. Costumes are to be hand-made.

16. No late entrees will be allowed.

17. Each contestant’s presentation and costume will be assessed by three judges as per the criteria

18. All contestants MUST present themselves in the costume of a character from any genre (be it anime, manga, or video game).

19. If the Cosplay Committee judges a weapon or prop as harmless, you are free to carry it around with you for the full duration of the event. However, if a weapon or prop is judged to be potentially harmful for general use, then it will be placed in weapon and props storage for the duration of the event until the competition proper.

20. Dangerous articles such as metallic weaponry (swords, knives, etc.), firearms, and pyrotechnics of ANY kind that may cause damage to the venue or harm to fellow cosplayers and/or event staff and attendees are strictly NOT allowed as props for the cosplay competition. Any articles made from any other material such as cardboard, PVC, Styrofoam, etc. are allowed to be used as props for the competition.

21. The Organizers reserve the right to adjust the rules of this competition in any way it sees fit and disqualify any entry for non-compliance with the rules and regulations outlined in this document.

22. The Organizers reserve the right to refuse entry/display of any costumes entered into the competition that they deem inappropriate. The Organizers also reserve the right to cut short any acts that they deem to be inappropriate. The Organizers also reserve the right to disqualify any contestants within reason. All of the Organizers’ decisions are final.



The cosplayers in both categories (School reps and Walk-ins) shall be judged using the following criteria: 40% – Craftsmanship 30% – Characterization 20% – Stage Performance 10% – Audience Impact.

For more info, just ask the RCCL representatives at the Gaming Area at the SM City Events Center.  They would be very happy to help.