[dropcap]U[/dropcap]nfortunately, there are still many jobs that are considered men’s jobs and industries that it’s harder for women to break into. This often puts women off applying to work in these sectors. But in truth, there is very little a woman can’t do. Here are some great options for women that may traditionally be seen as men’s jobs.

Civil Engineer

Civil engineers do everything from design, right through to construction of buildings. Civil engineers have worked on some truly beautiful projects, and can quite literally reshape the world we live in. They work on buildings, bridges, and roads, right up to space stations. Anything that includes some kind of built facility, involves a civil engineer. Civil engineers need to be very well educated, such as a masters degree in civil engineering. More women than ever are entering into this valuable profession. If you are interested in joining them, consider an online civil engineering degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

woman in man's job

Truck Drivers

Truckers are generally men, but this need not be the case. Many women enjoy driving, so why not make a living out of it. There are even agencies now solely for female truck drivers. If you are interested in becoming a trucker, you will need to gain certification and a license before you can get started.


There’s no real reason for this to be a male dominated profession. It requires great logic, skill, detailed work and concentration, all things that women are great at. Medical school enrolment is about 50/50 when it comes to the gender of students. But surgery is still a male dominated world. It’s understandable that women are often more drawn to working is general practice, as it offers more flexibility when you have a family. But surgery can be a wonderfully rewarding role for both men and women.


If you consider all of the stereotypes around women at home – housewives doing the cooking and cleaning – this one seems a bit odd. Women cook at home, but men do it professionally? However, for the most part, many more chefs are men. You only have to look at the world of celebrity chefs to see this. Women make great chefs. They are creative, meticulous, and good at adhering to standards of food hygiene and safety, as well as coping excellently with stressful situations. There’s no reason why women couldn’t be a much bigger part of this world.


Stockbroking is an incredibly male dominated industry, as are many other financial professions. Many female stockbrokers end up leaving the industry, as they find the pressures of trying to work with so many men hard to cope with. The only way for this to change is for more women to enter the profession, and men to be more accepting of them.
These are by no means the only male dominated industries. Other examples include politics, sports, journalism, tech, and the armed forces. The more women working in these industries, the more stereotypes are broken down.