It has been two years since this blog won in Janette Toral‘s annual Search for the TOP 10 MOST INFLUENTIAL EMERGING BLOGS.  This was in 2008 when GenSan News Online Mag was still known as Bariles Republic.

To be lumped together with the country’s other fledgling but “quite popular” blogs at that time was something that a blogger from Mindanao could only dream of.  Inspired by that recognition, Author Bariles strived on and right now, with almost a million readers already,  his blog lives on and he is proud to say that it has really earned a certain amount of influence in his turf, the Tuna Capital of the Philippines.

Fast forward to today, August 2010.  It’s again that time of the year when bloggers from all over choose their own bets for the Top 10 Most Influential Emerging Blogs Writing Project.

Being a member of the Soccsksargen Bloggers, Bariles would like to be partial to blogs from this side of the Philippines and although they might not be known nationally, as of yet, these blogs have been exerting a great degree of “influence” already in the region, depending on their niches, in the way they are crafted and the manner that they have been bringing information and entertainment to their readers.

The rest of the 10 in Bariles’s list are also from Mindanao and again, he would like to believe that they deserve to be in his TOP 10 Most Influential Emerging Blogs for 2010 and should be recognized nationally.

Without babbling any further, here they are, Bariles’ TOP 10 Most Influential Emerging Blogs for 2010:

  1. Ganda Ever So Much – banker Orman Manansala‘s personal blog is a favorite among the Soccsksargen, Davao and Cagayan de Oro Blogging communities with its no-holds-barred account of everything coming out from the scathing, venomous but mostly lovelorn and wishful mind of the writer.  His tips on love, life and lust should give Dr. Margie Holmes stiff competition.  And I mean, stiff!
  2. Alexis ChuaThis is a self-titled blog from a fresh Accounting graduate of the Mindanao State University. This young blogger could give the older ones a lesson or two on how to write exceptionally well.  A college debater and a multi-awarded student writer, he is one of Mindanao’s blogging communities’ rarest gems.  Hopefully, we don’t lose him to the corporate world.
  3. Kikay Much – is from young and pretty Salon owner and restaurateur Donna Mae Congson.  This blogger’s matter-of-fact and practical takes on fashion, beauty, health and wellness is refreshing at the very least.  Although now a blooming fashionista, she still has got that girly sense of wonder in her writing especially if it’s about a new discovered beauty product, for one.  This makes it a must for a light and amusing read.
  4. A Thousand ShipsIt’s not just a simple photo blog which you forget that easily.  What makes you linger and go over the rest of Mandi Nicolas‘ works from his travels around the world are his captions of each shot.  Each paragraph is painstakingly crafted with exactly the right words to make you see beyond the photo and on to the heart and soul of this former Singapore expat.  It’s one photo blog which will make even the best blog writers out there insecure.
  5. Digital Exposures – Another Photoblog, this time owned by an orthopedic surgeon!  Dr. Remo Aguilar who practices his craft and blogs on the side in his hometown in Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat just recently added this blog to his incessantly growing list of online journals.  One of the very few photobloggers in this side of Mindanao, he deserves to be in Bariles’ list.  Definitely, the DOCTOR IS IN!
  6. Kusina ni MariaIt’s just a matter of time that Davao City’s most famous lady blogger comes up with her own food blog not because she eats everywhere and gets invited to a lot of restos.  It’s because she is a certified junior chef already after graduating in some short cooking courses in the Durian Capital.  Because of that, Ria Abella Jose can now write with more authority and experience because she knows whereof she speaks.
  7. Plurk DesignsFor the thousands who use Plurk to update their friends, Plurk Designs has acquired a good degree of influence already. Designer and blog owner Lyle Santos has gotten more than the amount messages of gratitude than he ever really needed from plurkers who have used his theme designs.  And if you’re a good friend, he could produce your very own custom-made theme for FREE!
  8. Get PrettifiedI did not know that one of the best lady bloggers in Southern Mindanao is a closet fashionista until I came upon this blog of hers.  The variety of topics Brendel Balaga churns out could delight ladies out there who are on the lookout for the latest fashion and make-over trends and tips.  And lately, she’s been espousing what she writes, looking more fab and svelte than she was before.  That’s making rampa the talk!
  9. Ako Si Rabsky – one of the youngest bloggers to come out of GenSan, Rabsky Villanueva is all of 17 summers.  He is included in Bariles’ list because his well-designed blog has already garnered a considerable degree of influence in the Mindanao State University where he is a 2nd year I.T. student.  It has become a “shop window” of sorts for his fellow students wanting to come up with their very own blogs.  Although he admits that his blog is still in its infancy stage, Bariles feels that including it here will encourage more of his peers to follow in his footsteps.
  10. Mabuhay ang Bagong Kasalauthored by Aileen Apolo, the adopted daughter of Mindanao, and began right after her marriage last year, her blog does not go in one direction but manages to surprise Bariles each time he opens it.  It has household advices, personal musings on her relationship with her “Sweetie” and her son, easy-to-cook recipes, kitchen tips and all sorts of stuff which everyone, not only housewives may find interesting .  Every post is brief and could leave you asking for more.  Who knows? Some bedroom secrets may be spilled soon.  Hehehe! Joke Ate Aileen!

So there!  I hope you could visit these blogs and find out why for Bariles, they are TOPS!

And yes, he would surely be very happy if you could nominate them too in your blogs.  Deadline of submission of your list is on August 31, 2010.  For more information, check out Janette Toral’s guidelines by SIMPLY CLICKING HERE.

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