Naaah, it’s not what you think it is dear readers!

SEX here in the title is short for “The Soccsksargen EXperience” – An Orgy of Food, Fun and Adventure.

It is basically an offshoot of a unique activity which the Soccsksargen Bloggers spearheaded in May 2010.

If you happened to follow Bariles’ posts on a regular basis, you surely must have found out that last summer, the group that he co-founded, the Soccsksargen Bloggers conducted the very successful “Soccsksargen Summer Safari“.

The  safari involved touring with the special assistance of with Safari Partners at least 20 bloggers from Davao and Cagayan de Oro Cities to choice food establishments and tourist spots in South Central Mindanao and giving them two days they would not ever forget.

Their thoughts on their exhilirating experience that is the Soccksargen Summer Safari were immortalized in their blog posts which you can all check by simply clicking here and here.  Those are more than the amount of positive publicity on the Internet that we could ever imagine from out of the activity!

For the Tuna Festival Month of September 2010, which starts this week, it will be the turn of another group of bloggers to experience Soccsksargen much like the first batch of visitors did,  plus more!

This time, to give the event name a more catchy spin to it, Bariles and have naughtily dubbed it “SEX: the Soccsksargen EXperience.  An Orgy of Fun, Food and Adventure.”

Here is the sizzling poster concocted by the genius mind of Soccksargen Blogger Alexis Chua.

Well, that is all Bariles can say for now.

Everything else is a secret.