Less than three months ago, I finally did what I should have done early on in my senior years – I enrolled in a health club!

And not just an ordinary one mind you!  Not settling for less, I registered at the best one there is – Arcadia Fitness Center, General Santos City‘s most completely equipped and most modern health club!

Arcadia Fitness Center which opened seven years ago is owned by Dr. Choi Yabut and is located at the 3rd floor of the Medical Arcade building where his clinic is situated along Jose Catolico Avenue, right across the Casa Luisa Building.

Occupying the whole floor, the fully air-conditioned gym has aside from a regular workout area, different sections for aerobics classes and boxing/martial arts classes (complete with a boxing ring).  It also has separate locker rooms and toilet/baths for men and women.  Plus a drinking fountain with cold water!!!!

For older fatsos like me who would rather concentrate on cardiovascular training first, Arcadia Fitness Center has so much for us to choose from – state-of-the-art treadmills, rowing machines, stationary bikes, steppers, elliptical trainers, etc.

And yes, so as not to notice the time while huffing and puffing on these machines, you can watch your favorite telenovelas from a television mounted on the wall.

Arcadia has three weights-training instructors who are always on hand to guide you on your way to a healthi you and give you the fitness regimen designed for your needs, based on your age, built and health condition.  Aside from them, separate boxing, martial arts, aerobics instructors are available too.

Although I have asked for cardiovascular exercises for myself and have been at it for three months now, I will be moving on to include mild weight-lifting soon to tone up my somewhat unused muscles.  For this, Arcadia Fitness Gym has plenty of equipment to help me out.

I am proud to say that I have shaved off about 4 inches from my belly and lost at least five pounds, which are not much but considering how lazy I am, oh boy – that is quite an achievement, thanks to Arcadia Fitness Center!

If you want to join me in a quest to live longer and healthier, then enroll at Arcadia Fitness Center right now.  For more info, call them at (083) 302-8248 or visit the place anytime between 6am to 9pm daily, at the 3rd Floor of Medical Arcade Building, across Casa Luisa Restaurant along Jose Catolico Avenue and ask for April.  Tell her Bariles sent you.

Now let us see a sexier you, a few months from now!

Arcadia Fitness Center’s one-time membership fee is only P500.  Monthly fee is P1,000.  Per session fee is P200.  This entitles the member to use of all cardio machines, boxing facilities plus  enroll in a strength training program with instructors, and join in aerobics classes.  They can also avail of a free consultation from a nutritionist.